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Discover the possible integrations and facilitate the engagement of your employees with a simplified training path and a perfect user experience.

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Our integrations

The objective of integrations is clear to facilitate the learners' journey. To foster engagement, it's essential! Discover our different integrations and understand how Edflex can fit into your current training ecosystem.

Integrations LMS/LXP

Integrate qualified Edflex learning content directly into your existing LMS or LXP.

Integration of daily tools

Facilitate live access to training content with integrations on tools already used daily by your teams.

Integrations SIRH

Synchronize your HRIS with Edflex to make access to training even easier.

How does the connector work?

While the Edflex solution is able to run autonomously, it can also be integrated seamlessly into your current training ecosystem and LMS. We work with the biggest players in the market to make these integrations happen.

Defining your needs and identifying your options
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Installation of the SSO connection before the launch

The best educational content for all your employees' daily needs

Thanks to the curation and aggregation of training content, Edflex can help you develop a professional training habit and increase your learners' engagement every day.
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