Integrate Edflex in your learning tools

Explore potential integrations to streamline the learning journey and enhance user engagement, ensuring a simplified learning path and optimal user experience.

Discover our integrations

The objective of our integrations is straightforward : to simplify the learners' journey, an essential factor in promoting engagement. Explore our diverse integrations and learn how Edflex can seamlessly integrate into your existing learning ecosystem.


Simple operation

While the Edflex solution operates independently, it seamlessly integrates into your existing training ecosystem and Learning Management System (LMS). Compatible platforms include 360 Learning, Rise Up, Talentsoft, and more.

Defining your needs and identifying the best solution

Understand your current training ecosystem to provide you with the most straightforward learning journey and the optimal solution.

Arrange a meeting with a technical expert alongside your team.

Once your needs have been outlined and the project's feasibility has been determined, our technical team will reach out to you to define the implementation methods and establish an action schedule.

Setting up the launch connector

We are already working with SSO integration on numerous LMSs. Once the settings are set, it's time to launch your portal!

The best learning content for all your talent needs

You too, make Edflex a learning reflex to update your company's skills and support you in the face of change.