Optimize your learning budget for a better ROI

Learning more with fewer resources: a challenge faced by many L&D teams. The question of optimizing the learning budget can be answered in content curation, a scalable solution at a lower cost. Make a real impact on your ROI by allocating your budget more efficiently.

83% of working individuals express the desire to request learning from their company

Source : Professionnal learning : 15 key figures & 6 trends in 2023 - independant.io

Reconsider your expenses as an investment for your teams

Classical learning plan


Engaging multiple service providers to address various needs


Internal management of tools by L&D teams


Expenses and production time for tailor-made learning courses

Without Edflex ❌

Edflex learning plan

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Centralization of the learning budget

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Delegated catalog management and time savings

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Access to several certifying content publishers in a single offer

With Edflex ✅


With Edflex your budget is invested in a complete solution

The automatic updating of your learning content

Managed directly by our learning experts, they curate the most trending themes and consistently refresh the resources in the catalog at no additional cost for you! No need to purchase a static catalog every year; ours evolves in just a few weeks based on your requirements.

A single solution to centralize your costs

Topics, formats, level of knowledge... Each company faces different challenges. But regardless of your learning needs, our solution always adapts to them. No need to multiply your service providers to meet the learning requests of your employees. Thanks to +230 skills and +50,000 diversified contents on a single solution, support your employees in their skills development and make them evolve from acculturation to specialization thanks to offers designed for each L&D challenge.

Our teams take care of everything

Delegate the management of your catalog to our business experts: they select, add, delete and update the content regularly according to your needs. You are also supported by a project team that helps you communicate about the solution in your company at the launch and throughout the project. By relying on their expertise, you save time that you can devote to other more strategic missions.

“The Edflex teams were very responsive in meeting our learning needs. In a record time of two weeks, they deployed their solution to allow all our teams to learn online on a topic that is current for us: franchise creation. The themes have diversified but the quality of the content curation done by their learning experts convinced us that we had chosen the best team to support us on this project.”

Etienne Ageneau

Group Human Capital Development Director

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The best learning content for all your talent needs

You too, make Edflex a professional learning reflex and boost the commitment of your learners every day through the curation and aggregation of learning content.