Retain and attract top talent through learning and development

Career development is a central focus for both L&D teams and employees. A company that invests in upskilling its workforce is ahead of its market. Balancing competitive advantage and employer branding, investing in learning is always a winning strategy.

34% of employees cite the provision of content tailored to their profile and career as the primary factor for engagement.

Source: The 2024 Professional Learning Barometer

Employees are increasingly committed to maintaining their employability and upskilling to advance their careers.

Adopt Edflex for better management of your talent development

Classical learning plan


Lack of visibility on talent and their progression


Lack of autonomy for learners


Employees less loyal to the company

Without Edflex ❌

Edflex learning plan

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Dashboard for tracking and identifying internal talent

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Support for upskilling/reskilling

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Visionary learning on the latest trends

With Edflex ✅


Learning at the service of people

Skill pathways to guide talent

In addition to the freely accessible resources, you can find skill pathways designed to deeply develop your teams on various topics. These pathways are certified and created by our learning experts. You also have the option to enhance existing pathways by creating your own, combining multiple resources either independently or with the help of one of our experts.

Challenges beyond the professional scope

Today, employees seek meaning in their work and are increasingly focused on quality of work life (QWL) and well-being. Our catalog addresses these new employee expectations by offering topics related to personal development that are also applicable in the professional environment. Learning in soft skills is no longer optional for employees.

Quickly identify talent

You have access to a dashboard to track the progress of your learners through data. With a detailed activity report, you can visualize learning completion rates, the most popular topics, and learner progress. The most engaged individuals can become true ambassadors, promoting your learning programs to their peers and further maximizing your ROI.

“The feedback is very positive: the feedback from a collaborator who told me “when I have a new project, I go to Edflex and I try to acculturate myself and that puts me in really positive positions to deal with this project.”


Architecture and Integration Director at Generali

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The best learning content for all your talent needs

You too, make Edflex a professional learning reflex and boost the commitment of your learners every day through the curation and aggregation of learning content.