LMS/LXP integrations


Discover talent management solutions that equip teams for the future with a work system that works for everyone.


Updated educational content directly on your LMS

A complete system to develop each skill every day

An easy experience for learners at your facility

Modernize your learning and development experience with an AI-powered, competency-based talent management system that works for everyone. With Cornerstone, you can deliver the most relevant content from anywhere, jump-start your talent's careers and boost their mobility, and make skills the driver of growth and success across your organisation.

AI-based experiments

Inspire your people and accelerate transformation with personalized development experiences tailored to their goals.

Develop relevant skills

Tap into the potential of skills for everyone and everything - with our sophisticated learning management software.

Inspiring content

The most relevant and impactful content, selected by experts to meet today's needs and tomorrow's opportunities.

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You too, make Edflex a learning reflex to update your company's skills and support you in the face of change.