LMS/LXP integrations


Triboo The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that allows companies to create and spread easily innovating learningprograms. A platform that fits every needs.


Optimized integration of learning content on your LMS

An impressive seamless user experience

An added value on the daily update of the learning on your tool

Integrated studio

Easily create and deploy learning courses (corporate universities, SPOCs, etc.) via our integrated studio tool. No coding skills are required.

Creation of communities

Present different content to different learners based on their needs. Distribute content via shared spaces, create groups, manage content visibility and course enrollments automatically.

Blended learning

Triboo offers a unique functionality for tracking classroom learning (ILT), which involves a blended approach (digital and classroom). Create your learning sessions (dates, times, number of available seats, locations of classroom sessions or virtual classrooms), manage performance, as well as registered learners.


Engage learners with Triboo's collaborative features (discussion forums, polls, word clouds, etc.) to energize your learning programs and create a community around a topic of expertise.

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