Foster commitment learners within your organization

Employee engagement in training is an extensive topic well-versed by every learning team. While cultivating and nurturing this commitment is a prolonged journey integrated into a company's culture, curation and aggregation can serve as foundational components in this enduring construction.

84% of employees express a desire to engage in further learning.

Source: 2023 Learning Barometer on Learners' Behaviors

The majority of employees say that they would engage in learning more frequently if their company provided them with freely accessible digital content.

Develop and maintain engagement of learners in its organization

Classical learning plan


Lack of learning content refreshment and employee fatigue


Challenges in engaging diverse stakeholders


Internal communication can be tedious at times

Without Edflex ❌

Edflex learning plan

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Continuous updating of content and learning courses with monthly "In the News" additions

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Support for learning teams in the continuous facilitation of the solution

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Dedicated communication team for the project to ensure its long-term vitality

With Edflex ✅


Thousands of learning content centralized to adapt and engage

What if the first step towards commitment was adaptability ?

In juste one click, employees can access the appropriate resource on Edflex to acquire both hard and soft skills relevant to their daily work life. With 230 themes and 15 diverse formats, ranging from online courses to podcasts, learning adjusts to the learner's schedule and preferences. This is crucial in an era where speed and ease of access take precedence for everyone. Finding the necessary resource at the right moment fosters a return to the learning tool!

With direct integrations into everyday tools such as Teams

Transform learning into an intuitive activity integrated into the daily routine of employees. Make learning seamless, almost imperceptible, and another essential element in boosting employee engagement. By consolidating all your content from certified publishers, you provide learners with greater accessibility and minimize barriers to learning entry. This is a prerequisite for enhanced engagement and connectivity on your digital platforms. As commitment grows and learning habits become more ingrained in the daily lives of your employees, you are on the right path!

Each year, our teams support hundreds of learning departments in the deployment of new tools

Moreover, and most importantly, in its ongoing engagement throughout the year. Challenges, summer academies, internal communications about the new monthly selections: our aim is to simplify your work with communication "packs" tailored to your business and noteworthy events. Fostering engagement for enduring commitment: we are convinced that this is the key to success.

“Edflex is an easy-to-use, multi-lingual tool that offers a wide variety of learning content by using all the educational opportunities of flash learning... This catalog allows employees to develop and acquire new skills, in order to engage the Group in a culture of continuous learning.”

Sophie Guenebaut

Development Director of the SEB Group

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You too, make Edflex a professional learning reflex and boost the commitment of your learners every day through the curation and aggregation of learning content.