Update knowledge in your organization thanks to the learning plan

Confronted with the evolution of the workforce, skills must adapt swiftly. How can the learning plan be adjusted to accommodate these changes ? Content curation may offer a viable solution.

92% of employees perceive their roles as evolving.

Source : Barometer Lefevre Dalloz 2023

To adress this challenge, it is crucial to strategically adjust learning programs. Content curation stands out as an innovative solution to ensure learning aligns to the evolving needs of the business market.

Build a learning plan adapted to business changes

Classical learning plan


Need to regularly renew learning modules


Several solutions needed


Production costs

Without Edflex ❌

Edflex learning plan

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Regular update of learning content

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Centralization of e-learning content and learning topics

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Saving time and money to meet learners' needs

With Edflex ✅


Content curation to update the learning plan

Update internal skills with learning content refreshed daily by our experts

With our OPAD methodology (Origin, Pedagogy, Accessibility, Duration) our experts select the best content from our partner editors to insert them into your catalog on a daily basis. Also take advantage of monthly selections to promote engagement and show learning that moves and takes into account learners' feedback.

Never be overwhelmed again!

Content curation enables us to anticipate employee feedback and respond to emerging learning topics. The agility of our experts, supported by a diverse range of referenced sources, is one of our strengths. Be it a new tool, profession, or trend, you will find corresponding learning content on Edflex. Your learning plan evolves effortlessly, partially facilitated by the tool itself, alleviating the burden on your learning teams.

Streamline the updating of your learning plan

Anually aligning with the challenges of your business, our versatile catalog, boasting over 230 available themes, and potential integrations into various SIRH and LMS tools, ensures you are never constrained on a subject. This flexibility makes adapting to changes much simpler. We enable, and above all, simplify the evolution of every learning strategy, irrespective of the company and its industry.

“With Edflex, our employees have access to a variety of quality content to train on specific topics related to our strategic challenges. We give them the opportunity to evolve rapidly in their skills development by meeting current needs and anticipating future needs, in order to build the Bank of tomorrow. In addition, the follow-up of Edflex teams is a real asset in our learning strategy: they are a source of proposals and above all attentive to our needs.”

Leslie Dramé

Learning Project Manager at AXA Bank

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You too, make Edflex a professional learning reflex and boost the commitment of your learners every day through the curation and aggregation of learning content.