LMS/LXP integrations


360Learning promotes internal mobility to address talent shortages by enabling companies to expedite the sharing of skills.


Choose Edflex learning programs to meet your learning needs

Enrich your learning catalog with over 50,000 resources.

Easily navigate through the learning offerings to develop your team's skills

Find the Edflex catalog within 360Learning, the leading LMS for collaborative learning. With rich content featured on the homepage and seamlessly integrated into the CMS, experience a seamless learning journey.

Select and contextualize Edflex learning courses to meet your learning needs

Enhance your 360Learning courses with resources from the Edflex library. All you have to do is contextualize the course with a specific introduction tailored to your organization's context and select the most relevant content.

Easily navigate through the learning offerings to develop your team's skills

Who better than your learners to understand their learning needs? Empower them to take control of their professional development by providing access to the best resources on the web. With the search engine, you give them the power to discover thousands of resources to sharpen their skills.

Enhance your employer brand by promoting a culture of autonomy

Encourage internal informal learning, support the mastery of new skills, and cultivate your organization's talents.

Drive performance and measure the impact of formal and informal resources.

Aggregate all module statistics in the Dashboard and finally get a comprehensive overview of your catalog. Analyze the results in detail to continuously improve your offerings.

Discover all possible integrations of Edflex in just a few minutes

You too, make Edflex a learning reflex to update your company's skills and support you in the face of change.