LMS/LXP integrations


Deploy an effective, large-scale skills development strategy.


Additional content directly accessible in your ecosystem

Possible learning reflexes on hundreds of themes

A simple and efficient user experience

Manage your digital learning systems with confidence

Your business is unique and so is your learning strategy. We have the expertise to help you meet each of your skills development challenges.

Train your teams in the most sought-after skills

At CrossKnowledge, we draw on the latest findings in the science of learning and the world's leading experts to develop the learning programs you need to prepare your teams for the challenges of tomorrow.

Deploy an effective large-scale skills development strategy

Through our award-winning technology solutions, we help companies unlock the individual and collective potential of their employees. Our learning experiences ensure that they are prepared to meet future challenges and succeed.

Discover all possible integrations of Edflex in just a few minutes

You too, make Edflex a learning reflex to update your company's skills and support you in the face of change.