More than 1.5 million employees are trained with Edflex around the world

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What if your learning offer was adapted to this evolution of skills?

Maintaining competitiveness requires a dynamic learning strategy throughout the year. Edflex offers a unique solution to keep your teams ahead, providing a regularly updated catalog of learning content.

The best learning content for each learner

Our curation and aggregation model allows you to :


Personalize each learner's experience

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Give your learners access to the best learning content


Have a complete offer that is always up to date and relevant


Integrate this learning content perfectly into your current tools (LMS/SIRH/Teams...)


Benefit from unparalleled support on a daily basis

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Our learning content is rated on average 4.8/5 by our learners.

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The good contents, at the right time

Edflex develops the potential of each employee, guiding them to the right resource

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For the company

For the learning team

For employees

The best learning content for all your talent needs

You too, make Edflex a learning reflex to update your company's skills and support you in the face of change.


And if you are wondering...

Can we really learn thanks to web content?
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The numbers speak for themselves : 71% employees have already used digital content outside of their business to learn independently. Even job seekers follow online learning offered by Pôle Emploi.
Today, digital learning is not just a choice but a crucial element of the learning programs that companies need to provide in order to enhance the professional experience of their employees. It addresses challenges like immediacy, personalization, and adaptability, which are often faced in traditional face-to-face learning.
With a good content strategy, learners' needs can easily be taken into account in a blended learning strategy for your learning plan, thus linking digital learning and simulations with role-playing games for example. Once you understand the importance of content, it's a simple and effective way to implement a real continuing professional learning strategy in your company.
All your employees will want to take an online learning course!
How much does the creation of learning content cost?
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The production of learning content is a skill set that we do not offer at Edflex. Our vision of professional learning leads us to utilize existing and engaging content available on the web, covering over 230 topics.
Indeed, content reuse is part of the pedagogical methods we encourage to: reduce response time to learning requests, reduce implemented learning costs, more easily adapt the catalog to the company's needs and current issues, minimize environmental impact by avoiding content overproduction, and align with learners' evolving preferences for learning methods.
If you are seeking assistance in creating tailor-made content specific to your industry, you can turn to learning organizations that offer such services. However, be aware that the web is full of quality content that can be used to create or complement your learning modules, whether for distance learning or blended learning. Some of our courses are also eligible for funding, such as CPF.
How is the content in the catalog presented?
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Before accessing the Edflex catalog, you will meet with our teams to define the learning objectives, current context, user management, and communication content surrounding this new offering. Ensuring the visibility of content is essential to achieving the established goals.
Our role is to provide high-value learning content to your collaborators. To facilitate this, our resources are formatted like product sheets where learners can find information on the resource's duration, designer, expert opinions, and feedback from other Edflex users.
Since we offer diverse and varied content, our search bar allows you to filter results by content type, language, duration, and other options, such as certifications awarded upon course completion. These can also be seamlessly integrated into your continuing education modules. Depending on the viewed content, personalized recommendations will appear in the learning program.
Furthermore, we offer the option to integrate content directly into your tools, such as your LMS or HRIS, ensuring a seamless user experience for your employees during each learning session.
Who selects the learning content offered?
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Our teaching team specializes in curating the best learning content available online. Using our technology and 20 selection criteria, the team identifies high-value content and makes it accessible in your catalog.
Additionally, we provide engaging content selections every month to enhance your catalog and offer certified competency paths. These regular updates animate your editorial communication strategy around your learning offerings, facilitating the achievement of your learning goals by promoting captivating content.
On your end, content management involves two steps : expressing the needs of participants in your learning programs and validating the selected resources with our experts.
There's nothing like expert support for saving time, expanding your learning services, and enriching your content on a daily basis!
What is Open Education?
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Open Education is a methodology for designing learning that aims to facilitate access to resources in an interactive and collaborative manner. This content should be easily accessible to as many people as possible and freely available for dissemination. Sharing is a core value of Open Education. Designers and businesses must play a crucial role in providing access to learning today. At Edflex, we are committed daily to democratizing Open Education in business because we believe it is a key concept for the future of learning.
Why choose a content aggregator?
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According to the ISTF barometer, 35% of learning teams lack time and/or staff to develop digital learning in their company. You can understand why when you consider that 72% of digital learning content is produced in-house.
Equipping yourself with a content aggregator allows you to source existing learning resources, saving time and reducing costs without compromising the quality of learning. It also ensures that content is regularly updated to combat the rapid obsolescence of skills.
How to use AI in a learning team?
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Using artificial intelligence can increase the effectiveness of learning courses. We can categorize the use cases of AI into 3 categories: learner training (adaptive learning and personalized learning paths), the creation of an adaptive learning environment (chat based on generative AI), and design assistance (writing learning descriptions and feedback on evaluations).
With Edflex Assistant, harness the power of the Edflex database and our content curation across 230 topics (videos, interactive modules, articles, podcasts...) to easily create learning courses using all the data we collect and synthesize. The use of artificial intelligence in learning tools is essential to enrich the content of e-learning courses and design large-scale modules.
What is the difference between the so-called 'premium' Prime content and 'open' content?
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A large portion of the content offered on Edflex comes from specialized publishers or learning organizations with which we choose to collaborate under the Edflex Prime offering. We select our partners for their expertise and the premium quality of their resources, covering various learning levels in multiple languages and formats. These content publishers offer courses on AI, cybersecurity, CSR, HSE, finance, compliance, and more. They are leaders in their field and design high-quality learning, among which our learning experts also curate. We work, for example, with Cegos, Pluralsight, Elephorm, Change The Work, Lawpilots, Mentorshow, and many others!

The other resources in the Edflex catalog are selected by our learning experts directly online through open-source content, meaning they are free to be shared. The internet is a real wealth of freely accessible information and is an ideal source for demonstrating responsiveness and flexibility on emerging skills. Our teams, therefore, sift through to retain only the best, enabling you to access quality content directly.

The complementarity of these two content sources allows us to perfectly meet all learning needs and adapt to all corporate projects.
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