LMS/LXP integrations


Xperteam addresses all your learning needs, including evaluation, content creation, virtual and in-person classroom sessions, and on-the-job coaching. Their solutions currently serve companies and learning organizations of all sizes (from fewer than 100 to over 200,000 employees) across various industries, within complex, multi-business unit, and multi-brand organizations.


The richness of the catalog

The ease of integration

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Boost your learning organization with the Edflex catalog, available from your Xperteam LMS


Manage learning based on skills and give more meaning to your employee development actions. Manage user rights and roles for subsidiaries, divisions, as well as for partner communities, clients, suppliers.


Engage learners with a platform that adapts to each individual, offering personalized learning paths and portals. Foster user engagement through social interactions and a gamified environment (duels, collective challenges, passive gamification, badges...).


Design diverse and adaptive learning paths with rich pedagogical modalities: quizzes, observation, missions, SCORM module, face-to-face and distance sessions... Create your pedagogical resources and assessments directly with the native authoring tool of the xLMS®. While our solution's native authoring tool enables content creation, Edflex's curation tool enriches your learning catalogs.


Involve managers, mentors, and learners in tracking, assignments, and skill assessments. Empower and hold your users accountable for their skill development goals and facilitate on-the-ground support using the mobile app.

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