What motivates us on a daily basis

At Edflex, we are convinced that training should be intuitive, accessible to all and flexible. We want everyone to spend as little time as possible looking for the information they need to learn.

Our history

In 2016, during their studies, Clément, Raphaël, and Rémi realized the challenge of easily finding the right resources for learning.

They subsequently created the solution Edflex and partnered with Philippe, with 25 years of experience in the learning sector, who placed trust in them and expedited the project's market implementation!

Philippe Riveron

Passionate about developing skills and supporting key account clients, Philippe has an international professional background, particularly on the United States market. Within Edflex he develops strategic partnerships and therefore develops our international strategy.

Philippe Riveron - Chairman

Clément Meslin

Clément quickly embarked on entrepreneurship with Edflex, right from his master's degree in political communication in his pocket, with the ambition to democratize open education in companies, rely on existing quality content to reduce costs, and build a learning company through open source.

Clément Meslin - CEO

Raphael droissart

An engineer with a background in mechanics and numerical simulation, Raphaël very quickly became interested in entrepreneurship in high-potential digital sectors. After 7 years between Edflex in Paris, and Shanghai as the CTO of a company in training, he is now in charge of the Edflex Customer Success team full time, and data management.

Raphaël Droissart - COO

Rémi Lesaint

After a Master's degree in Beijing, Rémi Lesaint started entrepreneurship with Edflex and his partners. Today, he is in charge of the evolution of Edflex products, to remain at the forefront of innovation and maximize the learning experience for our customers!

Rémi Lesaint - CPO


In a few figures



The project was born thanks to the vision of our co-founders.



The company reaches the milestone of the first 50 customers.



Covid is transforming the world of learning, Edflex signs its 100th customer.



Edflex is carrying out its first fundraiser.



Edflex reaches the milestone of 850,000 users and 200 customers worldwide.



New €12M funding round.


Acquisition of OfcourseMe, the Italian leader in content aggregation and curation.

Our mission

Make learning more intuitive for everyone

At Edflex, we firmly believe that learning should be intuitive, accessible to all, and flexible. Our goal is to minimize the time individuals spend searching for the information they need to learn.

Transforming learning into a source of enjoyment rather than a constraint is our mission. We take pride in uniting training stakeholders every day to develop the most advanced catalog on the market, enabling +1 million employees to engage in daily learning.


motivated employees at Edflex, who are reinventing learning.

+1 million

users are trained intuitively all over the world



resources qualified by our experts, for learners.

Edflex invests in associations to broaden access to education and support disadvantaged groups in their learning globally.

Our conviction

Learning is one of the most innate qualities in humans

Develop your knowledge


The best way to learn

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