LMS/LXP integrations


Bealink is a learning experience platform that facilitates access to skills development for employees by bringing together a learning ecosystem.


A comprehensive learning ecosystem

High-quality educational content tailored to each learner

Hundreds of categories available covering all professions and soft skills

Consolidate your learning catalog into the next generation learning platform.

Consolidating a learning ecosystem

Because learning doesn't happen in one place or at one time, businesses rely on an increasing number of tools to manage their L&D activities across different content catalogs, learning modalities, and user groups.

Accelerate skill development with an end-to-end workflow

From learning needs to learning outcomes, through the learning itself, their solutions make it easy and fast to develop learners' skills.

Unify the learner experience for continuous learning

The philosophy at Bealink is one of a product that is not only "user-friendly" but also "user-centric".

Fostering a learning culture

This is also where most e-learning solutions fall short. They contribute very little to developing a culture of learning and sharing that is essential to a learning organization. They are often too top-down and monomodal.

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