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Neobrain is the solution that helps your organisation value your talents by capitalizing on their skills and aspirations to create personalized career paths and learning.


Mobilize the right people quickly skills

Individualize training for greater efficiency

Accelerate your team's rise to skills

With Neobrain you can drive your organization through skill. Neobrain approach is based on the combination between the consideration of individual motivations and the real-time updating of skills to reveal each talent of the organization.

Make your repository live in real time skills

Audit, create and develop your skills repositories with the methodological support of Neobrain. These usually tedious processes are carried out serenely and quickly thanks to our technological and human know-how. You have a dynamic and multilingual tool that feeds on external data to govern your competencies in real time.

Individualize learning for greater efficiency

Offer your employees individualized learning to effectively develop their skills and strengthen the performance of your organization. Thanks to Neobrain's solution, your employees are directed towards relevant learning to enable them to be efficient in their professional activity.

Accelerate your team's rise to skills

Empower your managers and employees to create a personalized development plan. Track the progress of action plans on a regular basis with intuitive activity lists. You can accurately monitor the progress of your team.

Mobilize the right people quickly skills

With Neobrain you can facilitate team building by taking advantage of talent marketplace opportunities to de-silo your organization. Allocate the right resources to all your projects based on the skills and motivations of your employees. With Neobrain, you have an intuitive solution to simplify and streamline the creation of agile teams.

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