LMS/LXP integrations


Rise Up has developed a new approach to learning by embedding learning into teams' everyday tools seamlessly and integratively. Its technology, combined with personalized support, enables both an optimal user experience and faster achievement of performance objectives.


Centralized content in your Rise Up LMS

Customized path creation with Edflex

Tracking of your learners in Rise Up

The integration of Edflex into Rise Up allows you to find all your content directly in your LMS library.

Learning in the flow of work

Integrate learning into the work environment and the routine of your learners by choosing to train them directly from their everyday applications.

A personalized learning experience

Guide your learners through a personalized learning path and sequencing based on their learning pace and targeted skills.

Ensure individualized tracking of learners

With the LIA learning coach, receive reminders based on schedules, share weekly progress...

Social learning and blended learning

Through sharing features, foster a real community where interaction and mutual assistance revolve around your learning. Mix learning modalities between in-person and distance learning to enhance learner engagement and memory retention.

Discover all possible integrations of Edflex in just a few minutes

You too, make Edflex a learning reflex to update your company's skills and support you in the face of change.