Online learning that is simple, accessible, and flexible

Edflex helps you to train and engage your employees on a daily basis through a currated eLearning platform. In less than a month, you can redesign your company’s learning package.

More than 40,000 curated resources

Our learning experts work on a daily basis to enhance your learning catalogue with up to date online courses, videos, podcasts, and articles.

A powerful analytical tool

Easily monitor learning trends and the most visited topic areas thanks to a portal which analyses key data intuitively.

Add value to your employer brand

By encouraging informal learning and autonomy within the company, support the emergence of new skills and foster talent development.

A panel of built-in features

Account manager & dedicated chat

Our educational experts are available to adress the needs of your learners.

Large selection of content

Enjoy a selection of relevant content from the best learning resources that are constantly updated.

White-label solution

Customize your company’s learning portal to align with your brand identity.

Learner dashboard

Employees can monitor & track learning progress via their personal dashboard.

Administrator dashboard

Employers can see which topics and content formats are most preferred amongst their employees in the administrator dashboard.

Access to more than 40.000 content resources

Access a customized catalogue and a variety of additional resources at any time.

Much more than just a catalogue

Our add-ons make the experience even simpler for both your L&D team and your learners.



Manage learners’ certifications and your training budget more easily through access to a network of partners (MOOC, online courses, books…).

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We can connect our solution to your software tools to facilitate access to resources.

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Public speaking, managing remotely, UX design… activate playlists and offer your employees a unique experience.

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Rolling out a solution to your learning needs has never been so simple.

Say goodbye to learning courses that are boring and unsuited to the needs of your employees!

Create Your Company Profile
Build your catalog
SSO Integration or API connection with your current LMS
Launch, Promote & Onboard
Reporting and follow-up

Who is the Edflex training solution meant for ? 

Our product is easily adaptable and can serve the needs of a variety of types of organizations, from SMEs to Dow Jones listed companies.


Edflex offers you the learning solution that is the most appropriate to suit your budget and your objectives.

NGOs, charities and foundations

Working with charitable organizations is in our DNA. Our training solution is used by the French Red Cross (Croix Rouge Française).

Consultancy firms

Supporting consultants in enhancing their skills is at the heart of a number of our projects.

An overview of topics

Types of management, changing of roles, positive impact… Skills overlapping between professions which often need to be updated and shared!

The most visited resources by learners:

  • The "Develop your leadership to manage better" MOOC
  • The article "Leadership Post-Covid: Less Vision, More Connection"
  • Video : "Why good leaders give you a feeling of security”
  • The "10 golden rules to motivate one’s team" podcast

Marketing content, internal communications, influence strategies… Key skills which have to be very regularly updated in view of the rapid technological changes.

Our clients’ preferred resources:

  • The "Succeed in your mobile marketing campaigns” MOOC
  • The video "Inbound Marketing OR Content Marketing? The difference"
  • The article "Putting the human factor and exclusivity at the centre of influence marketing in 2021"
  • The podcast "Why and how should I write a white paper”

New recruitment processes, staff engagement, new challenges… These professions require an update to existing knowledge to meet the needs of your organization.

The best rated resources on Edflex:

  • The "Adapting your management style to the environment within your organisation" MOOC
  • The "Being committed at work demystified" video
  • The "Reskilling: the need for the notion of talent to be seen through a new lens" article
  • The "Impact of AI in recruitment: are we moving towards a dehumanization of relationships?” podcast

Remote management, time management, productivity… Companies and managers have to be in a position to respond to these new challenges in order to improve performance.

The leading resources according to our learning team:

  • The "Manage your time effectively" MOOC
  • The YouTube video "Boost your productivity: get more organised at work"
  • The "Multitasking is ineffective. How to avoid it" article
  • The "Manage Remotely: the anti ‘Bossy Boots’ remedy?" video

Teamwork, communication, emotional intelligence, creativity… People are still talking about it just as much: soft skills have become essential in the world of work. What if you chose to make training resources available on these topics?

The most visited resources:

  • The podcast "How to become less hard on oneself"
  • The video "Inside the mind of an expert in procrastination"
  • The "Develop your soft skills" MOOC
  • The article "Situational intelligence, a skill to succeed in an uncertain world”


Based on over 100,000 reviews, Edflex earned an average 4.8 assessment score for our resources. By incorporating learner feedback to continuously improve our platform, we ensure the best best possible learning experience for our customers.

Among the best

With a very high NPS in our industry, we are very proud to be widely acclaimed by our users and customers.