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“What we loved about Edflex is all the curation that is done by their teams on subjects that interest us, and that saves us a lot of time. You can watch a small, very short video, or have access to a press article. It is also access to the online course. These are much longer, certifying courses. It allows for a wider and more varied panel.”

Eric Guérin

Orange Campus Training Manager

“This is an extension of our team, they are very proficient in the content we want to make available to graduates. There is a whole team of Learning Experts within Edflex, who support us every month to select resources.”

Géraldine Pauty

Career and Marketing Director at HEC Alumni

“The advantage with Edflex is that we have access to all the best learning content on the web, adapted to the needs of our learners thanks to the work of Learning Curators, directly via our LMS. Learners thus have a unique gateway to their courses.”

Clement Schneebeli

Vyv3 Digital Learning Manager

“The implementation of the solution internally allowed us to empower our employees in their daily learning. The fact that the format adapts well to their content consumption habits and agenda constraints allows us to develop a strong commitment.”

Florent Temboury

Digital Learning Manager at Bouygues Construction University

“The feedback is very positive: the feedback from a collaborator who told me “when I have a new project, I go to Edflex and I try to acculturate myself and that puts me in really positive positions to deal with this project.”


Architecture and Integration Director at Generali