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Manpower's challenge was to support the self-training of temporary workers on several topics.

About the context

Manpower is a company specialising in Human Resources consultancy services, temporary work, fixed term and permanent employment posts, and work/study training programs. They operate in over 80 countries.

The Temporary Worker Learning ManagementTeam at Manpower France called upon Edflex as part of their temporary worker learning and skills development plan.Edflex supports more than 10,000 temporary workers with a personalized catalogue from some of the best of the web's learning courses on occupational topic areas:management, communications, working as a team, sales... The software tool must enable learners to develop new skills at their own pace in order to put them to good use within their companies, and with the development of their careers

What are the goals

Learning at Manpower France has two objectives: meet the needs of their company clients, and support the career paths of their talented temporary workers and permanent employees.

In that respect, the Edflex catalogue forms part of a dynamic independent learning process for temporary workers through MOOCs, videos, and podcasts which they can lookup at any time via their Manpower Training learning space in order to develop skills before and during a client assignment.The kick-off meeting meant it was possibleto set the parameters in the curation of learning courses to be included in theManpower catalogue, hence supporting10,000 learners with developing their occupational skills, and the development of their employability with innovative content that is updated monthly.

Setting up a strategy

The Edflex catalogue was rolled out withinManpower France in less than a month during the summer of 2019.

At the same time as providing learners with content, work was carried out by the technical teams to put in place an SSO login between the two software tools in order to create a smooth and unique learner experience.The software tool was promoted byManpower France via their communications networks right from the launch, with deliverables being produced by Edflex's communications team, which included two video interviews with the project managers, one computer-generated image, and one presentational video of the software tool, the aim being to explain the project's objectives and initiate involvement with it.

Analysis of the results

Learners like the freedom they have to operate content offered by Edflex in addition to their compulsory learning courses.

The varied feedback received highlighted:

  • The accessibility of learning resources:anytime and anywhere
  • The diversity of learning resource formats
  • The option of enhancing one's employability and showing one's commitment to one's learning to one's employer

Therefore, the Edflex catalogue is seen as an innovative learning software tool, complementing learners' compulsory courses.The most visited categories are management, working together, and personal/professional development.


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Edflex customer




Director of Talent and Career Pathways at Manpower France

“It is a free and unique access for temporary workers... it is also an innovative and efficient tool for developing new skills at your own pace, learning new concepts and maintaining a learning dynamic.”


Director of Talent and Interim Careers at Manpower France

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