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More than 600,000 learners are using Edflex to personalize and accelerate upskilling and fill in knowledge gaps.

Advantages of using Edflex

Adapted resources

Learning content instantly accessible in more than 230 categories and formats adapted for each learner (videos, articles, online courses, podcasts, certifying playlists).

A powerful search engine

Access to our team of experts for training teams and regular analysis of data and ROI.

Dedicated educational experts

Updating regular, editorialization of content and integrations into your LMS/LXP/HRIS.

The world is changing. Learning is changing too.

Stop wasting your valuable time.

L&D managers are overwhelmed with requests and new learning projects. Open eduation is a very effective solution to respond instantly to daily needs. Edflex compliments open education by integrating direct links within the daily tools that your employees utilize. Time saved: for you and your employees!

Learning habits have changed.

Your employees are already training themselves. Today, for the sake of efficiency, they search on Google for their training content. But tomorrow, thanks to open education, they will be able to easily acess the content they need to increase their skills directly from your training tools.

Businesses need to adapt

Faced with innovation and the demand for new skills, companies must be efficient. With open education. there is no need to constantly create new learning modules: open education makes it possible to use what already exists and share it with as many people as possible. Give your employees the advantage they need to be successful.

The pace of change has transformed the way we work. How we learn on the job is changing with it. Building a world-class learning culture has never been more important. Foster self-directed “always-on” learning and put precise, filtered, personalized educational content right at your team’s fingertips.


67% of employees spent their own time sourcing and using digital content for training purposes. It’s time to provide employees with an easy solution to access qualified and vetter training materials*. | *Edflex 2021 survey, “Training: The New Needs of Employees” (study conducted among 1,000 participants at companies with 500+ employees)


42% of employees think that the learning solutions offered by the company is not renewed regularly enough.


39% of employees say it is difficult to find quality content from a reliable source.

What kind of business do you want to become?

A company that reacts instantly to change
A company that encourages the development of everyone's skills
A company that creates a culture of sharing

Se former n'a jamais été si facile


Un puissant moteur de recherche

En quelques secondes, un puissant moteur de recherche vous offre un accès à des milliers de ressources qualifiées pour développer les compétences de vos équipes.


Des experts pédagogiques dédiés

Aidés par notre intelligence artificielle, nos experts qualifient et valident les contenus. Ils enrichissent au quotidien notre solution avec de nouvelles ressources de formation.


Les meilleures sources du web

De nombreuses catégories sur-étagère (soft skills, bureautique, culture digitale, etc.) sont disponibles. Avec Edflex, vous pouvez aussi construire des catégories sur-mesure à la demande, selon vos besoins.

They talk about us

"It's a free and unique access for temporary workers. It is also an innovative and efficient tool to develop new skills at your own pace, learn new concepts and maintain a learning dynamic."

Director of Talent and Temporary Careers at Manpower France

“With Edflex, our employees have access to a variety of quality content for training on specific topics related to our strategic challenges.”

Leslie DRAME
Training Project Manager at AXA Banque

"Use Edflex to develop your curiosity, your desire to learn, by going to discover selected content, adapted to your skills. These are all good reasons today to be curious and go and find the best of digital with Edflex!"

Jean-Charles FLEURY
Innovation and Customer Culture Department at Orange

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Former L&D expert joins Edflex to drive learning strategy

Paris, France, September 9th 2022. Edflex, the leading learning curation platform in training content, today announced that Julien Ricard will join the company as Chief Learning Officer (CLO) effective September 5, 2022. Ricard, has strong experience of more than 20 years in the L&D industry.
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New product : Edflex integrates with Microsoft Teams!

Edflex is now available in Microsoft Teams as we continue our marathon of integration in everyday tools. A launch that took place several weeks ago and seduced many customers.
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ATD 2022 Wrap-Up

Here is a recap of the ATD 2022 experience from our Co-Founder & Chairman, Philippe Riveron.
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