More than 850,000 users train intuitively all over the world.
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of employees train themselves with existing content.

The availability of learning internally is not sufficiently relevant or easily accessible.

Don't worry! We have the solution you need


The future of learning lies in simplicity

Discover the most intuitive way to learn: aggregating the best learning content.

One-stop access

to all your open and certifying training content.

Saving time

for learners and teams training

Unrivalled flexibility

with formats and durations to meet any need

Your employees will learn every day...

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With: over 230 training topics
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New content every month
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Short and engaging certification options
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Varied levels, languages, durations, and formats
contenu de formation pour les collaborateurs

...and you'll meet their needs immediately!

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With: extended training through daily coaching
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Continuously updated educational resources and courses by our team
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A monitoring of the data and of reporting to detect training trends and needs
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Direct integration into LMS and HR tools to engage

Intuitive learning that is anchored in the day-to-day life of your employees.
Impressive time savings for you and your team!

Se former n'a jamais été si facile


Un puissant moteur de recherche

En quelques secondes, un puissant moteur de recherche vous offre un accès à des milliers de ressources qualifiées pour développer les compétences de vos équipes.


Des experts pédagogiques dédiés

Aidés par notre intelligence artificielle, nos experts qualifient et valident les contenus. Ils enrichissent au quotidien notre solution avec de nouvelles ressources de formation.


Les meilleures sources du web

De nombreuses catégories sur-étagère (soft skills, bureautique, culture digitale, etc.) sont disponibles. Avec Edflex, vous pouvez aussi construire des catégories sur-mesure à la demande, selon vos besoins.

A one-stop solution to centralize all your learning content

Offer your employees daily and instant access to knowledge with qualified learning content that is tailored to their needs.


A connection in your ecosystem

To engage your employees in your digital training: Edflex integrates with the most popular LMS and HRIS in the market as well as in your everyday tools for an intuitive experience.

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An extension of your training team

Your time is valuable.
We know this, and that's why we work hand-in-hand with training teams to build the best selection of training content (training experts, communication teams, deployment project managers, etc.).

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A recognized solution in the digital learning market.

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The best educational content for all your employees' daily needs

Thanks to the curation and aggregation of training content, Edflex can help you develop a professional training habit and increase your learners' engagement every day.

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