Integrate My Mooc in your business with Edflex and offer a unique learning experience to your teams!

Edflex is the My Mooc offer dedicated to businesses, offering a complete digital solution to train your employees with the best training resources.

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A complete digital solution for all employees, with formats for each learner. MOOCs (of course), but also open source videos, articles and podcasts

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A personalized offer for companies with +500 employees or standardized for start-ups and SMEs with a complete catalog.

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Integrations into your ecosystem (LMS, LXP, SIRH) and your daily tools (Teams, Google...) to centralize your training offer

More than one million employees are trained with Edflex around the world

My Mooc & Edflex

The link between My Mooc and Edflex

In 2016, Clément, Rémi and Raphaël - high school friends - are convinced that a revolution in learning sector is up and running. With the rise of the Internet and the creation of learning resources (videos, online courses, podcasts, articles...) in the 4 corners of the web, a gold mine of knowledge is available to everyone with simple internet access.

Looking at the daily lives of French people every morning, the observation is clear: many listen to podcasts, watch videos, read articles. But there is a problem : it is often difficult to know where to look if the content is not recommended by Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter or Google. After creating My Mooc in 2016, today leader in its market, they met Philippe Riveron, founder of Learning Tribes and learning expert for 15 years. They combined their strength to develop the solution with a version dedicated to businesses : Edflex, a tool for curating the best content on the web !


Creation of My Mooc (solution for the general public).
3 founders


Creation of Edflex 
(for businesses).
11 employees


Health crisis, first fundraiser.
30 employees


Level of 150 client companies reached.
65 employees


71% of employees form by themselves*

The internal training offer is not considered sufficiently relevant or easily accessible.

We reassure you: we have the solution you need thanks to Edflex

*By using online content. Source: 2023 Edflex Survey - Study carried out among 1,000 employees of companies with +500 employees.

Centralize all your favorite content

The future of learning lies in simplicity

Discover the most intuitive way to train your teams: the aggregation of training content

Centralized access

A time-saver

Unique flexibility

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They trust us

“The feedback is very positive: the feedback from a collaborator who told me “when I have a new project, I go to Edflex and I try to acculturate myself and that puts me in really positive positions to deal with this project.”


Architecture and Integration Director at Generali

“Since 2017, Edflex has been facilitating the daily lives of our employees and our HR teams by being part of our learning organization strategy. Content from prestigious institutions and the wide variety of formats (online courses, videos, podcasts) allow our teams to develop the skills necessary for our ambition. With Edflex, we have found a solution that complements our internal Nexans offer and allows everyone to build a personalized curriculum adapted to their schedule.”

Florence BERNET

Co Learning Director at Nexans

“The Edflex solution has two fundamental interests: the diversity of its media (online courses, podcasts, videos...) and its ease of access and flexibility that allow access to it anytime and anywhere. The diversity of the contents of the catalog, with a wide range of skills, from technical to soft skills, makes it possible to offer quality resources validated by experts.”

Joël Autran

Director of Industrial Efficiency at SEB Group

“We chose to organize a launch party in all our agencies in France at the same time. It was a simple and friendly event that made it possible to unite employees around the training theme and to make them discover directly the richness of the platform and the ease of use. They then naturally wanted to discover more and 20% of employees connected the week after the launch!”


Learning Manager France

“Use Edflex to develop your curiosity, your desire to learn, by going to discover selected content, adapted to skills. These are all the good reasons today to be curious and to find the best of digital technology with Edflex!”

Jean-Charles FLEURY

Innovation and Customer Culture Department

How can Edflex enrich training in your company?

Meet an Edflex member to determine if the solution meets the needs of your business during a telephone appointment, or go back to My Mooc to train yourself individually.