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Generali's objective was to provide new learning methods and innovative training content.

About the context

Generali is an Italian insurance company that consists of more than 70,000 employees across the world

The Generali France Academy called upon Edflex in 2019 to deliver innovative learning and development content to its learners. A premium catalog was launched in October 2019, offering all possible options for employees: monthly selection, catalog, skills playlists, and Edcard access (funded certificates).The pilot project, driven by the Generali France Academy and Karim Bouchema, Information Systems Director at Generali, makes innovative content available for IT professionals, personal development, and project management for its 200 participants.

What are the objectives

The Academy of Business and Innovation at the heart of Generali focuses on integrating new and innovative solutions to the learning and development department.

With Edflex, the aim is to make new ways of learning available for employees: to train oneself autonomously thanks to the best internet resources (MOOCs, videos, podcasts, articles...) found in a personalized catalog, and provide access to company-funded certifications.Prior to the Edflex and Generali meeting todetermine the project framework, employees were surveyed in order to better understand their training needs. Based on these results, we were able to adapt the structure of the catalog to meet the specific needs of Generali employees.

Implementing a strategy

The strategy implemented by Generali was to test the solution on a target population in the short-term, and to find ambassadors for the solution to ensure large-scale deployment.

Internal communications were set up by Generali and Edflex to prepare for the launch. For example, two events were organized for learners who were given the opportunity to directly share their first impressions and feedback. By participating in this way with Edflex, they quickly felt invested in the platform.The short-term strategy was to advise other management teams with Edflex: in2020, the Support and Insurance Divisions had access to dedicated, customized catalogs.

Analysing the result

The project teams at Generali gathered feedback from learners throughout the 6-month pilot.

The main points that were identified were the following;

  • the ease of access to resources
  • the relevance of answers in the chat
  • the relevance of suggested resources

The commitment of the learners is also worth noting, as many financed their own MOOC certificates thanks to the Edcard. The feedback from management is also positive and encouraging: learners will undertake their own job-specific professional development training, but will also look to train on cross-functional topics, as shown by the categories most accessed: time management, project management, and the Cloud.

Edflex offers a learning model that is definitely new, since ultimately the reins are handed over to the employee in their learning and development journey, making them an actor in their skills acquisition.

Sophie BEAUROPERT- Senior Manager Learning & Talent Development at Generali

"The experienced feedback is very positive: a colleague told me “when I have a new project, I go on Edflex andI try to familiarize myself with the subject, and it puts me in really positive position to handle the project.”"

Denis CAMMAS- CTO at Generali



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