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The challenge of VYV3 was to succeed in daring because even today, in certain environments, it is not easy to provide employees with a training platform.

About the context

The VYV Group is a recent group, it is a solidarity economy group. They are the leading player in social protection in France and have three main jobs; the insurance business, the social housing business, and a broad sector of activity in care and support.

VYV3 is the care and support offer of the VYV Group. Today, in 2 figures, 33,000 employees and 1,700 establishments are spread across France.

The jobs within VYV3 are complex as such and they are jobs that evolve a lot. It is therefore essential for VYV3 to be able to support the transformation of businesses, and this includes the training of employees. That's where Edflex comes in.

What are the goals

VYV3 asked Edflex to meet the challenges of its employees' jobs. The challenge is also to succeed in daring to implement digital learning; it is not always easy in some environments to provide employees with a platform and to succeed in developing the offer around it.

Setting up a strategy

For the project to be a success, it was important to succeed in having people who will search the web for the right resources according to the topics indicated to them, who will dialogue with the VYV3 training teams to refine the search engine and bring back a certified, multimodal, up-to-date quality selection on which we have an important informative value. Edflex fulfilled this mission perfectly.

Analysis of the results

Today, employees have a training platform that is open to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; it is a real asset for employees in terms of accessibility and opportunities. This is one of the expectations that Edflex was able to meet.



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Edflex customer



Clement Schneebeli

Vyv3 Digital Learning Manager

“The advantage with Edflex is that we have access to all the best learning content on the web, adapted to the needs of our learners thanks to the work of Learning Curators, directly via our LMS. Learners thus have a unique gateway to their courses.”

Clement Schneebeli

Vyv3 Digital Learning Manager

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