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What are the key benefits of integrating Edflex into your business ?
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Ideal for updating your courses and enrich your offer, this solution provides your learners with thousands of resources selected by our learning experts. It fits perfectly into your learning plan fostering the development of the professional skills necessary for your employees to advance in their career projects.
Looking for learning has never been easier ! Your employees have access to certification courses endorsed by top-market publishers. They can also participate in the prior learning validation process, ensuring that job skills are updated annually.
Which courses are available through Edflex ?
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The Edflex offering provides your employees with access to a diverse range of training options within our catalog. This encompasses the finest online educational resources, as well as content from premier publishers like Pluralsight, Elephorm, Cegos, and others. The majority of these courses are qualifying and certifying, enabling employees to enhance their skills while obtaining official recognition in the form of aptitude certificates, often recognized as genuine professional titles.
Our catalog is organized into six themes: Business and enterprise, HR and management, Personal Development, Work organization, Languages and culture, and Technologies and tools. This thematic diversity enables us to address 100% of the learning needs across various professional fields. A detailed list of available training topics can be found on our catalog pages.
These resources cater to different teams within your company, including managers, supporting the skills development of all employees in their learning pursuits. Learning isn't just a professional objective; it embodies a commitment to continuous improvement. We firmly believe that leveraging existing resources is imperative to establish a comprehensive and regularly updated learning offering. What if we ceased the cycle of creating new educational content and instead focused on optimizing the use of existing resources ?
What is the process for enrolling in a training course from the Edflex catalog ?
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If your company benefits from the Edflex offer, each learner can choose their distance learning on an online catalog where all the content offered is carefully selected by our leraning experts.
This content can be accessed either directly or through skills courses. Through these courses, participants have the opportunity to acquire skills certifications upon completion, validating their achievements and confirming their commitment to the training. As a widely acknowledged fact, obtaining certifications is a significant asset in enhancing employability within the professional sphere. Depending on the structured training program, these certifications can profoundly contribute to the development of business and soft skills, facilitate career transitions, and support progression within the company.
Certification learning is a valuable asset for advancing your professional endeavors. As an employee, obtaining professional certifications allows you to showcase your commitment to ongoing education, validate the acquisition of new professional skills, and pave the way for progression in your career.
Engaging in certification courses offers greater advantages to employees compared to other forms of learning, as it allows them to readily demonstrate their abilities through a recognized diploma. Qualifying training, whether in the form of certification courses or instructional videos on specific skills, significantly facilitates the practice of one's profession and supports ongoing professional development. The training options on Edflex are diverse, catering to individual time constraints, specific needs, and skill levels.
What type of content can you find on Edflex?
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All courses are presented in the form of digital content tailored to various professional situations and learning profiles. Our solution provides access to a range of resources, including articles, videos, online courses, podcasts, ebooks, interactive formats, and contributions from top industry experts.
The distinctive feature of our catalog lies in granting your employees access to professional learning curated from premier content editors. Consequently, the majority of these courses are both qualifying and certifying, aligning seamlessly with your training initiatives.
In the realm of continuous education, this offering addresses the ongoing need to access short-term learning, occasionally accompanied by certifications, aimed at fostering the development of knowledge, skills, and professional expertise. Our solution effectively addresses a key challenge for learning teams : combating skill obsolescence.
Is it possible to enroll in Edflex courses without being affiliated with a company ?
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For individuals seeking employment, those who are self-employed, or employees of companies that have not subscribed to an Edflex offering, unfortunately, access to these courses is not available through our solution.
Nevertheless, you can engage in continuous learning through our publicly accessible website : My Mooc. This online course catalog caters to all sectors of activity and is entirely free of charge. You can explore specific roles or broader expertise relevant to your professional journey. Many of these online courses also provide an opportunity to earn a professional qualification certificate, adding significant value in the job market. Additionally, you may consider learning organizations that are open to all and offer courses registered with the RNCP, the National Directory of Professional Certifications. These courses are overseen by the National Certification Commission.
What are the certification courses on Edflex?
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You can access the list of professional courses issuing a qualification certificate directly in your Edflex catalog. All our training programs enable you to acquire new skills and provide access to professional certifications to validate this knowledge. Furthermore, most online courses also offer certificates of proficiency upon completion of the content. Lastly, our premium editors offer a variety of diploma courses as well.
If you want to know more, our teams are available at any time to answer your questions and support you in your learning projects.
What are the available financing options for certification learning ?
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Our solution enables you to enhance the ongoing learning within your business and support the professional development of your employees. Regarding various financing options, courses offered on Edflex are typically financed by the company; however, some are also eligible for personal learning accounts, allowing them to be financed from the balance of individual learning accounts.
In the context of ongoing learning using the Edflex solution, multiple financing alternatives are available. Employees can submit a financing request directly through the learning catalog, which will be reviewed by the training team on a case-by-case basis. Alternatively, some companies opt to allocate a financial allocation to each collaborator in the form of credits that can be freely spent on the catalog. This financing is thus conducted independently and can be monitored by the learning teams.
How can one ensure that the suggested editors are of the highest quality ?
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All our partners have been chosen for their expertise in specific domains. Similar to our approach with open resources, we meticulously select partner publishers based on more than 20 criteria to provide our customers with the best online training, irrespective of their professional sector.
Furthermore, even within our network of partner editors, we carefully curate training content that aligns with our scoring grid and adheres to stringent quality criteria. We ensure a consistent update schedule and perfect quality for the learning courses featured on our solution.

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