LMS/LXP integrations


Syfadis offers large enterprises and governmental organizations a Deep Corporate Learning software platform to scale individualized learning. LMS, TMS, LXP, competency management, and performance reviews are integrated into a single platform: Xperience!


Streamlined integration

Centralized management

Optimized performance measurement

Find the Edflex catalog within the Syfadis platform, the training software publisher with over 3.5 million users worldwide.

A highly customizable solution

Xperience adapts to the specific needs of your organization and industry through precise configuration and tailored support.

Individualized learning paths

Central to the learning departments, Xperience allows each learner to take control of their employability to easily acquire new skills.

A modern and engaging user experience

A simple and personalized navigation to provide an intuitive experience to each learner, adapting to work situations.

The most powerful back-office in the market.

On the administration and data analytics side, Xperience provides comprehensive management of all learning processes, evaluations, and includes numerous dashboards for tracking KPIs related to the learning plan and budget.

Discover all possible integrations of Edflex in just a few minutes

You too, make Edflex a learning reflex to update your company's skills and support you in the face of change.