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September 27, 2022

New product : Edflex integrates with Microsoft Teams!

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March 4, 2024

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Edflex is now available in Microsoft Teams as we continue our marathon of integration in everyday tools. A launch that took place several weeks ago and seduced many customers.

Since the launch of Edflex, our teams have been committed to offering the best learning experience possible to corporate learners. We help learning teams respond to 3 major challenges:

  • How to centralize learning in order to make the learner's path more fluid and easier to access
  • How to accompany the acculturation to digital for the less advanced targets
  • How to create routines to integrate training as a daily task

When it becomes essential to help employees train themselves independently, offering them learning content directly from within their daily tools makes sense. #LearningInTheFlowOfWork

Training as a daily reflex

At Edflex, our vision is clear: we want to reinvent learning in the daily life of our employees and guarantee access to learning content. We have chosen open education to act in response to these challenges.

But if the problem of accessing learning is answered by open education, another one remains: that of revolutionizing access to learning tools.

The creation of a culture of knowledge sharing within the company will enable this learning reflex to be engaging on a daily basis. To create a learning culture in the company, training must be omnipresent in the minds of employees. See where we're going with an app like Microsoft Teams? 👀

Why has learning via Microsoft Teams become an issue?

The vast majority of employees today train themselves by searching for content on the Internet. Following this trend is essential for companies to evaluate the evolution of skills, whether formal or informal. This is why companies need to support their employees in this transition by offering quality content on a variety of topics and in a variety of formats.

  • But what does Microsoft Teams have to do with it?

Let us tell you more about that. By analyzing the behavior of our users, we observed the major obstacles they encountered in their learning habits. Here are the reasons why we chose to develop this integration:

  • The objective? To encourage them to learn regularly.
  • The problem? Find a way to free up time, choose the right content, create a learning reflex.
  • The solution? Get the learners where they are, i.e. on a tool they use every day.

This is, in our opinion, the best approach to develop daily usage.

How does it work?

To install this extension, you need user access to the Teams application and user access to the Edflex solution. Once these are obtained, the step by step instructions created by our team will guide you through the installation.

An instant response to training needs

The objective of this integration is to allow direct access to content via the main channel used by your teams. In fact, by adding the Edflex catalog to your Teams interface, they have direct access to the entire catalog of resources from our educational experts.

  • Example: Need to find content on human resources to answer a question from one of your employees? Go to the catalog and answer them in record time! You've responded in a responsive manner, with quality information and you've developed new knowledge without even realizing it!

Share your favorite resources

One of the features enabled by this integration is the ability to share resources directly with colleagues, either through a team channel or in a private message. This option supports the development of a culture of peer-to-peer sharing and thus a learning culture.

This is an effective way to communicate more regularly about the training available to employees.

This new step is the beginning of a long series where we will aspire to cover all the needs of companies’ employee learning needs by offering them a unique experience.

Would you like to integrate Edflex into your team?

Team Edflex

Team Edflex


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Online learning? It knows us! The entire team brings together the expertise, creativity and freshness needed to analyze learning trends and related HR issues.


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