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February 1, 2023

Intuitive learning, the solution to (re)give the taste of learning?

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January 15, 2024

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Intuitive learning is a concept that responds to training needs linked to new learner uses. Find out how!

Intuitive learning is one of the new training trends of 2023. For the past few years, some training professionals have been observing an increasing absenteeism rate among their employees, completion rates and engagement rates that are struggling to take off... Yet, we all continue to train. In an intuitive way: by going to Google to find answers quickly and simply. It is to this self-training that this new concept responds that we are about to analyze.

The key concept of intuitive learning

During our french webinar on intuitive learning, Clément Meslin (CEO & co-founder) and Julien Ricard (Chief Learning Officer) asked themselves what is the most intuitive way to learn. To answer this question, and based on the new technological trend of the moment, they went to Chat-GPT to ask the question: "Classify the best ways to develop my skills in the company".

The answer was quite surprising.

Compiling all the data from the web from its inception to the end of 2021, and among the top 8 answers offered, none mentioned corporate professional development. Instead, there was more mention of seeking to exchange with peers or develop knowledge through freely available content like podcasts or videos. And for good reason: training has evolved.

Today, 67% of employees say they train on their own thanks to open access content. - According to our study on 1,000 employees of companies with over 500 employees.

This practice responds to the need for accessibility, immediacy, and freedom of consumption** (whether in terms of formats or themes). For employees, training via Google or Youtube has become a reflex.

Intuitive learning will allow, within the company's training ecosystem, to shorten the path between the learner and the right training content in a simple and intuitive way, which will thus

  • respond to the new training challenges,
  • simplify access and use for learners
  • simplify management and follow-up for training managers.

How to integrate intuitive learning into your offer?

Increase your engagement rate with intuitive learning

In the world of training, access to tools and their integration into the company's ecosystem are essential to their success! This is one of the pillars that will make it possible to make training intuitive: to be able to simply and quickly identify where to find the knowledge that you are looking for.

The LMS is often the entry point for training, but many employees work daily on Microsoft Teams or Google, for example. So we need to ask ourselves how to reduce the number of clicks, market the offer clearly, create fluid integrations and a single entry point.

Performance driven by intuitive training

The way we consume content is constantly evolving, but one of the criteria that drives us to do so remains the same: immediacy. Today's learners are looking for quick answers to their training needs, always in an intuitive way, and therefore go to Google or ask peers directly. This has a positive impact on employee performance.

However, finding the right content, from reliable sources, with true information, can be time consuming, both for the learner and the training teams. It is therefore necessary to equip yourself with tools capable of assisting this search for content, such as Edflex which becomes an extension of your training team. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you in your search, contact our team.

Develop employability through strategic skills

Employability is one of the factors that must support your training decisions.

12 to 18 months is the average lifespan of a skill these days. - According to an OCDE french study.

Changes and evolution sometimes go faster than the responses of training teams, who cannot update all training content offered within the company. It is therefore essential to maintain employability by offering flexible training solutions that will keep up with these regular content updates. This is also what intuitive learning is all about.

Intuitive learning is therefore a concrete application of the informal training practices that can be observed in companies. However, putting measures in place to accompany this self-training also makes it easier for L&D teams to follow it.


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