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April 12, 2023

Barometer 2023: 5 key figures that will challenge the future of learning

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January 15, 2024

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From our 2023 learning barometer, these 5 figures on learner usage will shake up what you thought you knew about learning.

We recently launched a new edition of our barometer on the evolution of learners uses, conducted on the L&D french market. The previous one was already alarming, but the results in this second study surprised all those who consulted it...

This survey reveals figures that are more than impacting and that call into question learning as it exists today in companies. The urgency to act is such that we wanted to share 5 figures that testify to alert companies to these issues. However, we know that the situation and stakes are different in every country, so do not jump to conclusions. These are more lines of thought.

The current offer does not appeal

You probably thought that everyone had seen your various emails about your new learning, or at least the poster you put up in the elevator. But no... Today, still 40% of employees are not aware of the learning offer proposed by their company.

How can this be? Between those who don't see the information, those who forget, those who don't really understand... You have to communicate but above all you have to repeat these communications on a regular basis to anchor the information in your employees' heads. The ideal is of course to multiply the channels to reach everyone: by email, on posters, via managers, or even with a leaflet sent with the pay slip!

Old woman surprised by the result of the survey

According to the results, employees give an average score of 6.4/10 to the learning offer proposed by their company. Despite the actions taken by the learning teams, the offer does not really correspond to the employees' expectations and they are not satisfied.

This dissatisfaction should not be overlooked as it can impact the increase in skills and the productivity of employees. Thus, learning must become a priority in the company's strategy.

Employees are learning differently

Even if employees are not 100% satisfied with the learning offered to them, they are well aware of the issues related to the development of their skills. Beyond their employability, it's also about fulfilling their career path by challenging themselves on a daily basis. However, 38% of them believe that the learning courses offered in their company are not always easy to find, a difficulty that can cost companies dearly!

To overcome this obstacle, many employees turn to open access content. 71% of employees in large companies have already used free content (videos, podcasts, articles, etc.) to train themselves independently.

Man and woman behind a computer

But the most worrying thing for companies is that 48% do it in a short-term skills development approach, in relation to the day-to-day business. This means that these people do not find learning in their company's offer that meets their instant needs. However, they do exist, so it is important to find ways to respond to them as an employer.

According to 83% of employees, their company should offer more flexible and freely accessible digital content (articles, videos, podcasts, e-books, etc.) to allow all employees to learn independently.

As we can see in these key figures, the employees are not satisfied by the learning offer of their company and they expect more from their employer on digital content accessibility.

It is urgent for companies to understand the expectations of employees regarding their learning in order to respond effectively. Skills upgrading is no longer a bonus: the lifespan of skills oscillates between 12 and 18 months, adapting to these changes is more than necessary.

Edflex can help you to adapt your learning offer to these expectations by providing the best curated content such as videos, articles, online courses, podcasts... Contact us to discuss about your needs in digital learning content.

Team Edflex

Team Edflex


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