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January 3, 2024

The 2023 Recap of Edflex: A Year Focused on Energy ⚡

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Clément Meslin

Clément Meslin

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February 1, 2024

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We invite you behind the scenes of Edflex for our annual retrospective.

New fundraising, recruitments, participation in key events in the learning sector, product innovations, new partnerships... We take you, as we do every year, behind the scenes of our last 12 months!

What's the summary for 2023 at Edflex?

A fundraising to become a European leaderSince the creation of Edflex in 2016, our ambition has been strong: to offer the best learning content to companies and thus combat skills obsolescence. It's a mission that drives us every day.

In early 2023, we decided to accelerate our growth and successfully raised $13 million in a second funding round with Educapital, Wille Finance, and Jean-Stéphane Arcis (founder of Talentsoft). Alongside them, our historical partners MAIF Avenir and We Positive Invest (Arkea Capital) renewed their support with a new investment.

250 Clients and 1 Million Users

Today, more than 250 clients trust us to train their employees. We have indeed visited many of them this year (Ponant, Safran, TotalEnergies, Coveris, AXA Bank, Galileo, Contentsquare, Eramet...) to assess their needs, present our innovations, and prepare for their upcoming projects. Because even though we are convinced of the power of remote learning, humanity is always our priority in developing a long-lasting collaboration.

Edflex CSM team
Edflex visit to client
Edflex CSM

Once again this year, we are proud of the trust placed in us, with over 90% of clients renewing their commitment to the Edflex solution for the upcoming year. It's a wonderful acknowledgment of the work accomplished by the entire Edflex team.

Moreover, our "ambassador" club has continued to grow in recent months, with an increasing number of members and numerous exclusive events to collaborate with our teams on the Edflex roadmap. On the learner side, many have continued to connect, contributing to making Edflex a benchmark in terms of engagement! They have enabled us to surpass the threshold of 15 million learning hours in 2023, covering a wide range of subjects.

Our team

A Product Transformation (Edflex Prime, AI Integration, New Categories...)

It can be said: in 2023, our product underwent a transformation, and our content catalog expanded to become an essential part of any learning service.

In the second quarter, we launched a new offering: Edflex Prime. It still brings together the best of online content (videos, articles, podcasts, online courses...), but it also provides access to interactive modules from top market publishers, offering certifying courses and more in-depth expertise in various fields. Thus, the learning programs offered by Cegos, Openclassrooms, Elephorm, Mentorshow, Dyma, and many others are now available when you subscribe to Edflex!

These new partnerships represent another step toward complete centralization of the learning offering within a single solution. From acculturation to specialization, you can now meet all needs with our product.

Edflex Prime new offer

The rise of AI has also been a significant topic at Edflex. Artificial intelligence has been at the center of all our deliberations and improvements. Consequently, our teams have worked tirelessly (and always with passion) to make AI available for learning services. We have developed Edflex Assistant, an everyday learning assistant that helps save time in all aspects of the learning manager's role (creating learning paths, searching for content based on expressed learning needs, etc.). And this is just the beginning, as we are preparing exciting new features for you in the coming months.

Edflex assistant ne AI

We have also kept up with current events throughout the year to offer learning content tailored to the needs of businesses: cybersecurity, ecological transition, future of work, and more. We presented these topics in the form of free and 100% accessible portals, always in line with our commitment to facilitating access to education (#OpenEducation).

Thanks to the 1 million users, we now have quality data to leverage at Edflex every year. In 2023, we were able to observe real trends around the themes, resources, and preferred formats of learners—what we call Edflex trends. These data enable us to adjust our solution in real-time and advise our clients on personalizing their learning offerings.

Furthermore, we continued to enhance our integrations by strengthening partnerships with LMS/LXP providers and everyday tools (find more on our Partners page!)

It's been a fantastic year for the product, and we have some exciting surprises in store for you in the coming months. If you want to learn more, we are organizing a webinar at the end of January on our product vision for the future.

Edflex, expanding learning services

Since the inception of Edflex, beyond our content catalog, we are dedicated, along with our team, to sharing industry trends in various formats, always to meet the needs of learning teams and support them. In 2023, we accelerated the production of content and events to unite the L&D community.

The Open Education Night

This is the event of the year in the french learning sector, which brought together 300 people in Paris in 2023. This event is for us an annual opportunity to highlight beautiful innovations and to have an ever-increasing impact in the field of learning.

We aim to enhance our content for our English-speaking audience in 2024! 😉

You've seen us... everywhere!

If there's one phrase we often heard this year, from our partners, clients, and also from you, it's this one:

"But you are everywhere at Edflex."
Exhibition and congress

These three little words echoed throughout the year in the events we were able to attend, and it's always a pleasure to reconnect with you.

A team united by strong values.

Edflex team

To achieve this incredible year, we could rely on our corporate culture (5 ⭐️ on Glassdoor) and the unwavering support of our teams, more united than ever in 2023! Our company values were never so well embodied as during our annual seminar: Edflex Summit 2023. Between ambition, vision, and team building, we all came together for 3 days, bringing together teams from Paris, Nantes, and all our remote workers from across France. Together, we created strong memories and launched our transformation plan #RaiseYourPower to confidently move towards the future.

And to make this action plan a true success, new talents have joined the Edflex adventure! These 24 new collaborators have brought a fresh perspective to Edflex to accelerate our development and carry our daily mission as an impact-driven company.

Impactful Initiatives

Speaking of impact, have you seen the news at the end of 2023? We achieved the silver medal in the Ecovadis certification, in our first participation. It reflects our CSR commitments, which guide our daily actions, such as the donation we made at the end of the year to Article 1 to support the learning of young people.

We have also joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative. Launched in 2000, the UN Global Compact is the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, with over 15,000 companies in 160 countries. This union allows us to elevate our social commitment to a higher level.

Our impact also includes the launch of the L&D for Good movement, initiated in October 2023 with the mission of facilitating access to education for all. It aims to encourage companies to commit to having a positive societal impact. We plan to share more details with you this January 2024.

And in 2024?

We warned you at the beginning of the article, 2023 has been intense for Edflex! But we don't plan on stopping there. Raise Your Power, as mentioned earlier, do you remember?

Today, our ambition is still strong, and we will put all our energy into it: we want to become the assistant for training services and learners to accompany them throughout their careers. The right content at the right time is our promise. If you don't have Edflex in your organization yet, now is the time to schedule a meeting 😉


We are ready for this new year by your side. So, as a great athlete, whose energy and ambition have brought him to the position of world number 1, would say: VAMOS!

Clément Meslin

Clément Meslin


CEO & co-founder

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I co-founded Edflex in 2016 with a strong ambition: to make learning accessible to all. Since then, my meetings and experiences have built my expertise and a 360° vision of the challenges that this represents in business.


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