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Discover a truly intuitive learning experience by centralizing your learning content publishers and all your certification learning resources in a single solution.

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We know that time is precious.
Meet 95% of your employees' needs and provide your learners with instant access to the content they need with our curated collection of the best publishers and their best certification training resources.

Make the most of your training budget

Take advantage of special offers on your training subscriptions thanks to partnerships established with top educational publishers. Instead of starting from scratch, build on the foundation of existing training and resources on dozens of topics. 5,000+ additional pieces of content from partner publishers for your professional training.

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Offer a unique learning experience

The best of each publisher's learning content in a single training solution, harnessing the power of content aggregation. A one-stop, centralized access point that simplifies daily learning processes for learners and training managers.

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Follow our expert recommendations! With our experts' knowledge in specific fields and close relationships with top publishers, aggregation goes beyond mere automation. It is augmented. From soft skills to CSR and compliance:
Your users will find a wide variety of certification training courses without getting lost in developing new skills.

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Edflex Prime FAQ

Why should I integrate Edflex Prime into my business?
This solution is ideal for supplementing your professional training offerings by providing your learners with thousands of resources hand-picked by our educational experts. It fits perfectly into your training plan for developing the professional skills that your employees require as part of their professional growth. Searching for a course has never been easier! Your employees have access to certified training from the market's top content publishers.They can also be incorporated into the prior learning assessment process to ensure that business skills are updated year after year.
What training will I be able to access with Edflex Prime?
Edflex Prime allows your employees to access the training of their choice from the entire Edflex Open Catalog (i.e., the best educational resources available online), along with training from top content publishers, such as Cairn, Elephorm, Cegos, and more. Most of these training courses offer qualifications and certifications, allowing employees to learn new skills while also providing official recognition of a certificate of aptitude, which is frequently recognized as a professional title. The company pays for some of the Edflex Prime training courses, while others can be paid for with a dedicated staff training account. With Edflex Prime, you can build upon your company's commitment to employee training and development. Find the list of available training topics on our Categories page.
Can Edflex Open and Edflex Prime be combined?
Edflex Prime is designed to complement what we offer in Edflex Open. In other words, Edflex Open is included in Edflex Prime. You can take advantage of all of our existing training courses in your catalog, as well as a selection of degree courses from our partner publishers. You also have access to the training courses available through our solution, which will provide your learners with a certificate of qualification to demonstrate their newly acquired skills.
What are permanent training topics are provided in the catalog?
Our catalog is divided into six topics: business and enterprise, human resources and management, personal development, workplace organization, languages and culture, and technologies and tools. More than 95% of the training needs of employees and businesses are met by the variety of topics we cover. These resources can be targeted at different teams in your company, such as managers, to help all of your employees develop their skills in their training projects. We're confident that you can grow your company's business through preexisting resources to keep your employees' professional skills sharp. What if we stopped re-creating?
How do I take a course on the Edflex catalog?
Whether your company uses Edflex Open or Edflex Prime, each learner can choose their distance learning course from an online catalog whose content is carefully selected by educational experts. This content can be accessed directly or via skill paths. Professional certifications are available at the end of each course to validate the acquired knowledge and to attest to the training. Everyone knows that earning a certificate enhances a person's employability in the professional world! Depending on the training program, this can be a great way to acquire business skills and soft skills, as well as to open doors to new job opportunities and advancement within the company. Discover a new way of training with Edflex!
What type of training is available through Edflex?
All training courses are presented in the form of digital content that can be adapted to each professional situation and each learning profile. Our solution includes articles, videos, online courses, podcasts, ebooks, top voices, and more. The hallmark of the Premium offer is that it gives your employees access to expert training from the top content publishers. Most of our training courses lead to qualifications and certifications and are included in your training plan. Within the context of continuing education, this offer meets an everyday need for short courses, sometimes with certifications, to develop one's knowledge, skills, and professional experience.
Can we complete training on Edflex Prime without being employed within a
Unfortunately, if you are looking for a job, are self-employed, or are an employee of a company that has not subscribed to Edflex, you cannot access these courses through our solution. However, you can benefit from continuous training through My Mooc, our site designed for the general public. This catalog of online courses is aimed at all sectors and is completely free. You can learn about specific job areas or more general knowledge for your professional career. Most of these online courses will also allow you to obtain a professional certificate with high added value on the job market. You can also learn through training organizations that are open to everyone and offer courses registered with France's National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).