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October 3, 2023

Pre-boarding: What if their experience began before the D-day?

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January 15, 2024

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Preparing for a new team member's arrival... before their actual arrival day!

When a company hires a new employee, it invests not only financial resources but also time and energy in finding the ideal candidate for the position. However, integrating a new member into the company goes beyond just signing the contract. The pre-boarding process, which includes learning before arrival, plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth transition and rapid productivity. In this article, we will explore the importance of pre-boarding, with a particular focus on preliminary learning.

Pre-boarding: An Essential Introduction

Pre-boarding, sometimes overlooked, is part of the onboarding process for a new team member. It involves preparing the groundwork before their arrival at the company. This encompasses a set of processes aimed at warmly welcoming the new employee, providing them with necessary information, giving them an overview of the company culture, and preparing them for upcoming tasks.

introduction of pre-boarding

The goal of pre-boarding is to reduce the time needed for integration, increase employee retention, and enhance overall company efficiency. One essential component of pre-boarding is preparing the necessary materials (computer, mouse, notebook...) and sending a welcome package filled with goodies! It is also the ideal time to initiate a gentle introduction to the industry and the company through training content.

Preliminary Learning as a Cornerstone of Pre-boarding

Learning before the arrival of a new team member offers a definite advantage. It allows the new employee to become acquainted with the specifics of the industry, the company culture, and the latest developments related to their role. Here are some reasons why preliminary learning is a significant asset:

  1. Shortened Learning Curve
    By providing content in advance, employers enable new team members to start their job with a basic understanding of the industry and the company. This reduces the learning curve on these broader topics, meaning employees become operational more quickly.
  2. Early Engagement
    When a new employee receives this type of content before their first day, they feel valued and engaged from the beginning. This strengthens their connection to the company and their enthusiasm for the new role.
  3. Increased Productivity
    Well-trained employees are more productive. By investing in training even before an employee's arrival, companies ensure that they arrive with context in mind, allowing them to focus on their initial tasks from the start, contributing to the company's growth.
  4. Reduced Turnover
    When employees feel well-prepared and supported, they are more likely to stay with the company in the long term. This reduces turnover and the associated costs of recruiting and training new employees.

How to Implement Effective Pre-boarding Learning?

To establish effective preliminary learning, here are some key steps to follow:

  1. Analyze Training Needs
    Identify the essential skills and knowledge that the new employee will need to succeed in their role. Consult hiring managers, current employees, and reference materials to create a comprehensive list of topics to cover.
  2. Offer Insights into the Company
    Send content about the company to allow the future team member to immerse themselves in its history, organization, highlights, values, etc. The first few days can then be dedicated to meeting teams and starting more operational tasks.
  3. Personalize Training
    Adapt the training content sent based on the specific needs of each new employee, including their new role, past experiences, and industry knowledge. To educate employees on these topics, the company can rely on open education resources.
  4. Implement Follow-up
    Make sure to establish a tracking system to evaluate the effectiveness of onboarding and training. At the end of the integration process, gather feedback from new employees and adjust the program accordingly.
Offer Insights into the Company

Pre-boarding can transform a new employee's onboarding experience and their entire journey. By investing time and resources in this crucial phase, companies can not only improve their employees' productivity but also strengthen their long-term engagement and loyalty.


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