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May 25, 2022

Our customers ALL want content on these 10 skills

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Team Edflex

Team Edflex

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January 15, 2024

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At Edflex, we provide our clients with selections of training resources based on the themes they want to be included in their programs. These selections are based on the most current training trends which are defined by feedback from employees according to their needs

Despite having more than 150 clients that span across different industries, we have found many common categories! Here are the 10 skills they ALL want to find available in their selections:

1. Leadership & team management

Whether it's a job change or a change of direction, or a cross-cultural team, there's always a reason to question your management style. Should you be a leader or a coach? How do you build trust? How do you build collaborative leadership? This category is one of the most requested by our clients: the leaders of tomorrow are being trained today.

2. Remote work

This is a brand new category that is featured in many selections! Telecommuting is not a skill in itself, but it requires many skills to remain effective. How you should set up your home office, how do you remain connected to your team, how do you have a successful individual interview from a distance…every aspect of work needs to be rethought in the face of the new remote working world.

3. Health

Surprising? In the midst of a health crisis, requests for training on barrier gestures, psychosocial risks and mental health are multiplying. There is also a lot of content on the prevention of stress at work, office posture and relaxation. In fact, health was one of the top three subjects covered by online courses in 2021.

4. Internal communication

Because communication is the pillar of any relationship, it is even more essential at work. Making it more efficient is a daily challenge: saving time, making it more fluid, being open-minded, etc. This theme is also used externally: customer relations, answering the telephone, interview techniques, etc. In short, this is a category that can’t be ignored!

5. Interpersonal Skills

How do you manage relationships at work, whether face-to-face or remote? How should you show empathy? Discovering the potential of collective intelligence and managing complicated personalities. The subject of interpersonal skills is very diverse, but soft skills are always at the top of the list of the most sought-after categories when it comes to skills development.

6. Active listening

The implementation of hybrid work gives rise to new working methods. Active listening is one of them: let the person you are talking to speak without interrupting and react according to their needs. This is a  way of communicating that makes the person speaking feel heard and understood! It is also a useful skill to practice when faced with an unhappy customer or a prospect who is a little too talkative...

7. Sales

Hello, salespeople! Yes, it seems that even if the best sales techniques are timeless, there are always a few things to review or discover. Brushing up on your sales skills can boost your sales!

8. Working together

Encouraging collective performance, developing informal exchanges, learning to collaborate with people with disabilities... Knowing how to work together requires many skills that must be developed. Team cohesion and agile method also guarantee performance.

9. Critical thinking

Developing critical thinking skills is one of the main skills needed to improve your work. It is crucial to know how to sort information in order to analyze it correctly. With the numerous sources of information at our disposal, fake news has become more and more frequent. To combat this issue, we have to acquire the critical thinking skills required to spot it.

10. Time management

How do you  stay efficient in your organization? How do we efficiently multitask? What is the best concentration technique? With the return of Covid and the upheavals linked to the health crisis, it's easy to get lost in the weeds of your projects! Managing your time and prioritizing your assignments is therefore an essential skill to learn.

These categories recur the most on a global scale, which allows them to be applied to different sectors of activity. Edflex also offers content on specific themes linked to specific job functions as well as content for technical jobs. On the other hand, if these skills are in such high demand by HR and training teams, it's a safe bet that they will be the next "must-haves" of the year for job interviews and internal promotions! Now you know what to train on... 😉

Team Edflex

Team Edflex


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