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January 10, 2024

Learning trends 2024 : How to prepare for the future?

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Manon Cousin Glorieux

Manon Cousin Glorieux

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January 24, 2024

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The sector is evolving in 2024: discover the learning trends for this new year!

The labor market is constantly changing. Along with it, the learning needs are continuously challenged to combat skills obsolescence. However, beyond the themes, approaches to employee learning are also changing. What are the learning trends for this year 2024? What should we expect? How to prepare as a learning manager? All the answers to your questions are found in this article!

Harnessing the power of AI in learning

For months, artificial intelligence has been increasingly integrated into corporate learning. This is true for both learners and within L&D teams! More than just a learning trend, AI has become an indispensable assistant in the professional world.

AI assitant

On one hand, for learners, AI is a simple and very (very) fast way to address their daily challenges: urgently needing to find an Excel formula, a podcast recommendation for the train, concrete tips for speaking in their next meeting... The examples are numerous!

On the other hand, learning managers can use it to automate tasks such as writing resource descriptions, designing evaluation sheets, or even going further with the creation of learning paths.

All these optimizations save precious time for teams. This learning trend around AI is at the heart of all our product discussions at Edflex. We have even developed Edflex Assistant, a daily aid for learning teams to dedicate their time to more strategic missions in supporting the skills development of employees.

Edflex assistant for learnig

Personalizing the experience: the Google Maps Learning model

Today, personalizing the learning experience is a priority to combat skills obsolescence. But that's not all! Adaptability to learners' needs in terms of formats and themes is also a crucial challenge. Just like real-time updating of learning, linked to the constant evolution of the working world... (Does it ever end?!)

While the Netflix Learning model has long proven itself with LMS platforms and content catalogs, this personalized experience from a vast library no longer suffices to meet the expectations and needs of employees.

The model that seems to come closest would resemble the Google Maps application. One of its key characteristics is that it constantly updates to provide the most accurate and efficient routes and adapts to users' needs in real time.

Drawing parallels between this algorithm and the realities of the learning sector is how learning managers can truly benefit from this learning trend in 2024.

Learning as a lever for impact

Since the health crisis (already 4 years ago), employees seek to give meaning to their work. The routine of metro-work-sleep has been severely tested, and many have redirected themselves to align with their values!

So, companies are also addressing this issue. We hear more and more about impact-driven companies: they attract talent through their overall mission. What's great about positive impact is that it is accessible to any company through a very simple way: learning. It is a societal commitment that fits into all CSR policies.

Impact of learning

Facilitating access to learning is a mission that we pursue daily at Edflex. Whether in the corporate world or the general public, we are committed to making our expertise available to help every individual upskill. In fact, we initiated the L&D for Good movement during the Open Education Night for this purpose. We'll tell you more very soon!

Artificial intelligence, real-time personalized approach, impact, and meaning

These learning trends for 2024 are significant projects for corporate learning teams. However, when worked on in parallel, they will facilitate internal processes and ensure better productivity for employees. Learning is always a winning bet in terms of ROI; it just requires surrounding yourself with experts who can guide you in the strategy most adapted to your needs.

Need help implementing these trends in your company? Our teams are available to answer your questions and guide you on these topics!


Manon Cousin Glorieux

Manon Cousin Glorieux


Content Manager

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Passionate about writing since always, I found at Edflex the ideal environment to put my creativity at the service of your needs! Find me in the monthly newsletter for a summary of best practices on online learning.


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