How to digitize your corporate learning library?

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March 4, 2024

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A return to basics that engages employees as they learn and grow.

Keeping your learning and development content offering engaging, up-to-date, and accessible to all employees, including your C-Suite, is critical to growing learner adoption and engagement. Sometimes you just have to look at your bedside table to realize the simplicity behind learning: books. That's why we launched The Bookclub.

Addressing an increasing need for specialized expertise

Employees make this clear: they need to feel empowered to excel in their roles. To do this, they seek to perfect their expertise and highlight the value they bring to the company. When employees are supported to self-direct their learning and development, it not only improves productivity and business outcomes, it builds well-being and happiness in the workplace.

While podcasts and videos remain top-rated in microlearning, books respond better to develop deep expertise across soft and hard skills. While longer in format, books provide more detail, including use cases and proven expertise by experts who often are the authors. Books deepen knowledge more precisely and appeal to senior-level leadership functions who seem to prefer books over online courses.

Regardless of the subject matter, there is a book that addresses that skill. The diversity of topics that books offer makes this format a win-win for companies, L&D leaders, functional managers and learners.

Using books to learn creates terrific collaborative learning opportunities. For example, a VP of Sales can start a Book Club where each month, the team selects a book from The Learning Club and then meet and present what they learned to the team.

Adding books widens the breadth of formats, addresses another learning profile, and expands learner adoption and engagement. It is a good way to rethink your learnind and development strategy.

Ease of adoption at all levels

Before, there were corporate libraries: rooms or shelves filled with books each employee could consult, borrow, or even add to the collection. But there were many constraints: lack of storage, availability of books, and limited access to people on site. Today, these libraries are being digitized to allow access to all employees at any time and from anywhere and reduce costs while improving the span of the collection.

To take advantage of digitized books and to help L&D leaders expand learning adoption and engagement among all employees, Edflex has launched The Bookclub.

The Bookclub will partner with specialized digital bookstores and our learning experts will curate and select the top 100 books from each. Our first partnership is with Cairn which specializes in business management and human sciences. Many more partnerships will be announced over the next months.

Interested in learning more about how to add a Digital Library to your learning and development strategy? Contact us today.

Team Edflex

Team Edflex


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