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May 27, 2022

How to build a learning hub ? By 360Learning

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February 12, 2024

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Following on from a past webinar with 360Learning, we recapped the challenges of training hubs and the tips you should follow on how to build it to be as effective as possible.

Training hub

What is a training hub? What is it used for? What are the best practices for building it? In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about structuring your training offer with a training hub.

The challenges of skills development

Perhaps you are one of the companies for whom skills development is the top training priority in 2022.

And for good reason: By 2024, the baby boomer generation will be retiring, resulting in a loss of 70% of the company's internal workforce. Therefore, it is urgent to capitalize on their knowledge before they leave in case you face a VUCA context!

The second challenge of skills development is linked to the great resignation. In fact, to compensate for the rapid rate of departure and retraining of employees, it is necessary to anticipate these losses of manpower by utilizing the power of upskilling.

Finally, the emergence of disruptive change reinforces the need to rapidly upgrade the skills of employees in order to remain competitive in the market. Indeed, we must succeed in combining speed to go faster than our competitors and expertise to create the right content with the right people (internal and external). Today, training must be consumed differently.

Learning in the flow of work, the new learning method

It is essential to make employees aware of the fact that increasing their skillsets has become a real challenge in the workplace. In order to encourage them to take charge of their training and keep them actively engaged,  companies have developed a new learning method: learning in the flow of work.

What does it involve? Today, everyone consumes content instantaneously (via social networks and the Internet) and training must adapt to these technologies and respond to these reflexes by developing a clear offer. Learning in the flow of work allows :

  • Simplifying the learning process to maximize employee commitment
  • Developing learner autonomy
  • Providing continuous, daily training on up-to-date subjects

The training hub recognized this new method of learning and built on it. The training hub interconnects all of the tools companies already use and simplifies the way in which they are accessed by creating a single entry point. The objective? Simplify the training offer to create learning reflexes on a daily basis.

Build your training hub

A training hub is an ecosystem created by the interconnection of all the company's tools. Its purpose is to simplify access to everyday training in order to maximize employee commitment and usage of the training solutions offered. This is why it is closely linked to the previously mentioned practice of learning in the flow of work.

Its particularity lies in the structuring of the offer and the engagement of the employees. One of the biggest engagement factors in the creation of a learning culture is undoubtedly collaborative learning. Placing collaborative learning at the heart of the training hub creates an opportunity to collect feedback from your learners, create the most relevant content, maximize the benefits of the training offer, etc. HR managers say that a collaborative learning culture is the key to winning the war for talent.

So, how do you build your hub? Below are a few key tips to building a successful training hub:

  • By responding to the needs of learners (gather needs, define the most useful formats and topics, have a regular follow-up)
  • By choosing your structure (there are various ways you can create and structure your training hub, choose a structure that you believe will be the most relevant to your company)
  • By finding training partners to provide guidance and support in order to build the right training hub for your company

When the right training tools are developed and implemented, companies have the opportunity to capitalize on acquired skills and maximize the power of their internal training offers.

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