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September 9, 2022

Former L&D expert joins Edflex to drive learning strategy

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Team Edflex

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January 15, 2024

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Paris, France, September 9th 2022. Edflex, the leading learning curation platform in training content, today announced that Julien Ricard will join the company as Chief Learning Officer (CLO) effective September 5, 2022. Ricard, has strong experience of more than 20 years in the L&D industry.

Ricard joins Edflex at a pivotal time as the company has recently reached 15 million resources completed by 600.000 users and continues to expand globally. He brings nearly two decades of experience in Learning and talent development. He has covered the 3 main areas of L&D industry, starting in Higher Education and media for Arte and Sciences Po, then consulting for large enterprises with Learning Tribes - Sitel Group, and finally, in large corporate organization, he served as learning innovation manager for Bouygues Telecom and head of University and training director for Bouygues Construction.

He will not only bring his expertise in pedagogy but also his ability to drive learning strategy for global organizations.

Ricard will be responsible for scaling our 50.000 contents catalog and managing the amazing edflex learning experts team based on each continent. They are now 70 experts in their field and language and will grow rapidly to 200 by end of 2023. They cover a catalog of 230 skills in 7 languages.

The challenge will be to keep the same level of quality, as today the user review average is 4.93 out of 5 for all our content, and to grow the catalog with fresh content every day.

Ricard shapes with the 4 co-founders the development of strategy and programs to ensure that users have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their roles and align learning initiatives with the overall business strategy of the 200+ Edflex clients.

Julien Ricard: “Sharing the long-lasting vocation of empowering and spreading knowledge and skills, using digital technology, I am enthusiastically joining the Edflex adventure to aptly impact open education.”

Philippe Riveron, co-founder and Chairman, and Clément Meslin co-founder and CEO: “We are very honored to welcome Julien today as he brings his strong experience in L&D and training innovation. We are also very proud of the hard work and success the Edflex team has delivered so far and this evolution is a testimony of our ambition to build a global leader in the learning content space”

Riveron alongside his co-founders Clément Meslin, Raphaël Droissart, and Rémi Lesaint, launched Edflex in 2016 after seeing the need for a better learning experience for employees in corporate organizations. The world is changing (skills shortage, technology evolution, remote work, globalization…), and learning is changing too. Edflex brings flexibility in learning formats to adapt to each learner profile (podcast, video, article, webinar, course, influencer…), in duration (from 5 minutes video to 20 hours course), in topics (from hard skills to soft skills), in level (from beginner to expert).

Created in 2016 by Clément Meslin, Rémi Lesaint, Philippe Riveron & Raphaël Droissart, Edflex inspires and engages employees in their professional and personal development. More than just a simplified access to thousands of online training contents, Edflex is a SaaS solution that changes the way employees learn on a daily basis. The company offers more than 50,000 expert-qualified contents (online courses, videos, podcasts, articles...) in native languages, and transforms them into an intuitive catalog that can be accessed at any time. For the past 5 years, Edflex has been supporting more than 600,000 users in major groups (including Orange, Total Energies, Axa Bank and Manpower). www.edflex.com

Team Edflex

Team Edflex


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