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November 22, 2023

Edflex ranks among the top 25 impactful companies.

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Manon Cousin Glorieux

Manon Cousin Glorieux

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January 15, 2024

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In our first assessment, we have attained a certification granted to only 25% of companies in our sector. A source of pride for our CSR commitments!

In this inaugural evaluation for the Ecovadis certification, we are proud to have secured the silver medal and to be part of the top 25 companies in our sector! This medal holds significant meaning for our corporate values.

Growing Our Impact

We constantly strive to have a more positive impact on the world through our solution! It is at the core of our business, but not solely.

For us, being an impactful business also involves embracing a strong CSR commitment and giving it a central place in our decision-making. Therefore, it was logical to submit our application for Ecovadis certification to assess our ranking in this area.

In this initial evaluation, we received the Ecovadis silver medal with an overall score of 61/100. Consequently, we are among the top 25% of companies in our sector.

A Robust CSR Strategy for the Future

This rating attests to our commitment to our clients and partners in terms of CSR practices (Corporate Social Responsibility).

This score is the result of our performance and transparency across 21 criteria distributed in 4 key evaluation areas: environment, social and human rights, ethics, and responsible purchasing.

This certification also supports our announced impact project during the Open Education Night 2023: the L&D for Good movement. This movement aims to make knowledge and learning accessible to all and to contribute to a world where education has an even greater impact.

"This Ecovadis certification is the rightful recognition of a deep commitment from all our teams to an ambitious and structured CSR strategy at Edflex. We are proud to have earned this silver medal and will strive to do even better next year." - Carole Vendé, VP People and Impact

Manon Cousin Glorieux

Manon Cousin Glorieux


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Passionate about writing since always, I found at Edflex the ideal environment to put my creativity at the service of your needs! Find me in the monthly newsletter for a summary of best practices on online learning.


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