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August 30, 2023

Edflex Assistant: Expanding Your Learning Team with AI

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January 15, 2024

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Effortlessly and more rapidly address your company's learning needs with the revolutionary new Edflex Assistant AI!

The recent buzz surrounding this technology has been undeniable. We've even shared the top content to prepare you for this revolution. Artificial Intelligence stands as THE trend reshaping our daily lives, professions, and how we perceive learning.

And as you know us at Edflex, we relentlessly innovate.

Hence, our Research and Development teams have worked diligently over several months to bring forth the creation of Edflex Assistant this season. It's more than an AI; it's an extension of the learning service.⚡

In essence, it's a tool seamlessly integrated into Edflex, destined to simplify the lives of all learning professionals and transform corporate learning!

How Does Edflex Assistant Support Learning Teams?

The AI-driven revolution in learning is making its debut on Edflex, designed to save you time.

With Edflex Assistant, leverage the power of the Edflex database and our content curation across 230 themes (videos, interactive modules, articles, podcasts, etc.) to effortlessly craft learning pathways using the wealth of data we collect and synthesize.

Want to create a pathway for your employees? Based on the resources selected within our solution, the AI automatically generates a pertinent description of the pathway, learning objectives, prerequisites, and even quizzes, thereby saving you valuable time.

What Can You Expect in Future Functionalities?

This initial version is just the beginning, as Edflex Assistant collaborates with its clients to usher in the new era of learning—an era we will provide more insight into in the coming weeks.

Our teams are working on a version capable of offering personalized learning content to learners. This system will recommend the best, most up-to-date content tailored to the skills that need development within their professional growth.

With Edflex Assistant, elevate learning to the next level, harnessing the power of the Edflex database (50,000 learning resources from 10,000 qualified sources).

Schedule a meeting with our teams to learn more about this innovation and reimagine how you shape your employees' learning experiences.

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