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January 22, 2024

4 steps to maximize the impact of launching your learning offer

Get the word out about you with the launch of your skills development plan!

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Manon Cousin Glorieux

Manon Cousin Glorieux

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March 1, 2024

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Learning offer launch

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Your goal is simple: EVERYONE in your business should have heard about your new skills development plan. This launch must be a real Internal buzz. Good news for you if you don't know how to do it: you've come to the right place.

The basics of a learning plan

A quick reminder before we start developing a strategy for your deployment: the Definition of a learning plan is based on 3 major pillars:

  • Adaptability of employees at their workstations and their ability to continue their work,
  • Taking into account a work environment touched by the technological developments,
  • The learning proposal which take into account the previous two points.

The deployment of its offer

To succeed the deploying your skills development plan, you need to proceed in stages.

1. Define your target and adapt your message

The first question you need to answer is: who are you going to communicate your message to?

Maybe you're going to do a Global announcement to all stakeholders in the company. Or you would prefer personalize your ad according to the types of profile: your management, team managers, employees present in the field... And of course, you will not turn it in the same way!

Lancement PDC

Adapt your message with a vocabulary understood by your target (who may not know much about corporate learning), challenges and benefits that this will bring them, to the procedure to follow to access it...

You will thus personalize your approach and your target will feel more concerned by your message!

2. Multiply channels

Whether you have chosen to organize a launch webinar or to report the news by mail, you don't have to stop there! By multiplying the broadcast channels, you ensure that your employees perceive the message and integrate your information.

The secret to a successful launch is that We see you everywhere, let us only talk about you! So don't be afraid to overdo it.

3. Learning is repetition

Bombing the announcement of your new learning offer is great. But if everyone forgets you a week later, it's not in much use!

Spread out your communications over several days, several weeks, and Renew these reminders regularly. This will not only allow you to have an impact in your deployment, but also to engage your learners over the long term.

Communiquer sur sa formation

4. Offer a first step in learning

What if you gave an overview of what exactly awaits your employees with this new offer?

We talked about it above, they have to feel concerned about this launch, and that they find a benefit. Share with them An example of a learning which they will now have access to.

By immersing them directly in the experience, you leave an impression on their minds and make them want to discover more for themselves.

With this action plan, no more doubts: your skills development plan will be talked about! We can't wait for you to celebrate the success of this launch with your whole team.

Manon Cousin Glorieux

Manon Cousin Glorieux


Content Manager

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Passionate about writing since always, I found at Edflex the ideal environment to put my creativity at the service of your needs! Find me in the monthly newsletter for a summary of best practices on online learning.


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