Supporting the development of employees to expand and diversify the company's business

The Oui Care group has developed a digital training project to support its employees in creating franchises.

About the context

Oui Care is a personal assistance service:ironing/household help, childcare and support for the elderly.

With a national presence and international franchises (Portugal and Latin America),the group now has over 20,000 employees. But the development of franchises has raised the issue of training Oui Care employees.The need to find a suitable format for individuals wishing to become franchisees was becoming increasingly urgent.

What are the objectives

For the group, accompanying people interested in creating a franchise was an obvious choice. The human being being being at the heart of their values, the accompaniment in the entrepreneurship around their service appeared essential.

Todo this, what could be better than to have access to recent and always up-to-date content ? Our solution lends itself perfectly to this!With a corporate culture focused on innovation, the group's teams do not hesitate to regularly question their methodologies. Their feedback has been areal asset in the progress of the project: our

pedagogical engineers have been able  to the training needs and be as close as possible to the field.

Implementing a strategy

Urgent need, quick response! To support the skills development of OuiCare employees, we implemented our solution in just two weeks.

The timing was tight, but our technical teams kept their promise by offering an effective interface that met all the criteria.We deployed new playlists that were custom-created with content directly related to the creation of a franchise. Other themes were also made available, such as customer win-back or the environment and CSR.For Oui Care, we have created personalized playlists. The entrepreneurship category has been enriched with the"Awakening your entrepreneurial potential"skills course, which helps to integrate the different stages of creating a company, from business plan to financing

Analysing the results

Thanks to weekly communication to activate each playlist, learners have become more involved in their professional training.

More than 1,350 Oui Care employees are now training with our solution. Their satisfaction is such that the group has become a member of the Edflex Ambassador Club.

The Edflex teams were very responsive to our training needs. In two weeks, they deployed their solution to allow all of our teams to train online on a subject that is very topical for us: franchise creation. The topics were diversified but the quality of the content curation done by their pedagogical experts convinced us that we had chosen the best team to accompany us on this project.

Etienne AGENEAU - Group Human Capital Development Director

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