Getting acclimatized to digital

Edflex was the first Red Cross brick in the digital offering to acculturate employees before the launch of their LMS.

About the context

The French Red Cross is a charitable organization whose aim is to come to the aid of people in difficulty, both in France and abroad.

Today it consists of 28,000 employees and 60,000 volunteers in France, French Overseas Departments and Territories (DOM-TOM), and across the world.The customized Edflex catalogue has been rolled out since March 2019 and is accessible to anyone. Edflex was the first digital building block in the skills development program at theRed Cross in order to acclimatize the company to the culture of digital before the roll-out of their LMS.It merges topical themes centered around health and the medical sector, but also around management and being effective in the workplace.

What are the objectives

The French Red Cross wishes to support its employees and volunteers through launching training provision which is targeted at anyone, and which is accessible to everyone.

The Edflex catalogue has a role in getting the French Red Cross acclimatized to digital in particular, by being the first building block of this transformation.The project managers at the Red Cross and Edflex worked together in order to determine the best formats for resources made available online, in order to meet employees' needs - both in terms of quality and speed - within the scope of their skills development plan.

Putting in place a strategy

Following a meeting to set the parameters of the project - in which training needs were analysed - the teams of LearningCurators came up with an initial version of the catalogue, with resources being customized to training categories, and the one stipulation they had been given: to only provide MOOCs.

A 'best practice' charter was also established between the two companies and shared with all learners.For the launch, we put in place an important communications strategy together with Red Cross, which involved conferences, notices featuring in wage slips, video interviews etc. in order to reach all employees and volunteers

Analysing the results

Different surveys were carried out by Edflex and Red Cross through the platform in order to receive learners' feedback.

The results were encouraging, with the following feedback given about the catalogue:

  • Flexibility of use thanks to permanent access to resources,
  • An immediate response to topics being searched for, thanks to the chat feature with our experts,
  • Content which is up to date and relevant to the topics being covered.

The Red Cross' customized catalogue is recording hundreds of log-ons every day.

"Edflex is a first step in advancing the skills development plan at the French Red Cross, placing digital at the heart of training through opening up an online platform, which will allow all employees to train themselves up far more easily."

Grégoire DUCRET - Executive Manager for Strategy andInnovation with the French Red Cross

"Rolling out an Edflex catalogue means accessing information and didactic learning tools is more flexible, when a training plan can take up to 12, 13, 14months between the request being made and its actual implementation."

Nicolas BENKÖ - Training Manager with the French Red Cross

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Nicolas BENKÖ
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