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2022 Edflex L&D Impact Study: Employees, Company and Community

Written by
Amy Lynn Fletcher, PhD
Learning & Development is experiencing a renaissance. The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on workplace culture and employee expectations means that supplying in-house opportunities for workers to develop skills and advance in their careers is a core strategy for companies that want to attract and keep the best employees.

This is also the first time in history that five different generations of employees may work alongside each other. Older workers are reshaping traditional retirement planning, with many of them extending their careers beyond age 65 or seeking hybrid retirement options. Amid a global talent shortage from Kornferry, retaining and upskilling these employees through targeted corporate training opportunities is essential.

Younger workers are also bringing innovative ideas and expectations to the post-pandemic workplace. Supplying curated learning content and training that is flexible, personalized, and available on demand will enhance your success in talent acquisition and improve employee satisfaction.

2022 Edflex L&D Impact Study

EdFlex recently commissioned Goodwill Consulting to help us quantify the impact of our L&D platform on the bottom line. The impressive results show that investing in EdFlex improves talent acquisition and retention, profitability, and broader community well-being.

Here are three major insights from that study, focusing on ROI for your customers, your employees, and the broader community.

1. Impact on Customers

In hard numbers, the analysis shows that each dollar a company invests in our online learning platform realizes approximately a six-fold increase in profitability. Enabling employees to become lifelong learners improves productivity, lowers attrition, reduces training costs, and enhances your company’s brand and reputation.

2. Impact on Learners

The impact of EdFlex on learners is equally impressive. Each dollar invested in EdFlex translates into an average 18 additional dollars in salary for the typical employee. Building an internal culture of lifelong learning helps companies and employees stay resilient in the face of rapid technological and economic disruption. Indeed, during the ongoing automation revolution, it is ethically and financially smart for companies to provide high-quality training opportunities at every level, from the shop floor to the corporate HQ.

3. Impact on the Community

In today’s workplace, companies must not only be profitable but also respond effectively to the broader concerns of the society in which they operate.

The data show that EdFlex, in combination with a company’s commitment to lifelong learning, contributes to community well-being. High-quality training translates into healthier communities by reducing aggregate unemployment and ensuring that individual skill sets are congruent with the needs of the 21st-century workplace. Each dollar invested in our platform realizes four dollars in impact on the broader society.

EdFlex is the premier global provider of curated training content that is localized to your training needs and goals. Our digital platform puts personalized and high-quality content within easy reach of your employees.

Investing in EdFlex is a powerful way to create a culture of continuous learning and to enable each employee to become a lifelong learner. It also ensures that your company will become more agile and ready to face the economic and technological changes on the horizon.

Our team is available to discuss how EdFlex can be a profitable and long-term investment for your organization. We welcome inquiries about how EdFlex can help you ensure that your business, employees, and community thrive.

Edflex provides customers with qualified curated learning content that is continuously evaluated, updated, and refreshed. Our customers benefit from 7 Learning Domains, 30 Subdomains, 7 Languages, 5 Formats, and localized learning content in 7 different languages. Our personalized learning options help your learners and leaders prioritize learning at the time of need.

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