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April 15, 2024

Edflex Makes Its Mark on the Italian Market with the Acquisition of OfCourseMe!

A new step forward for Edflex: the acquisition of OfCourseMe and the creation of a European leader.

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Team Edflex

Team Edflex

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June 14, 2024

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Edflex acquisition OfCourseMe

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Today, we are thrilled to announce a major milestone in our international expansion with the acquisition of OfCourseMe, one of the leading players in digital learning in Italy. This acquisition marks a new phase and strengthens our position in the European market for content aggregation and curation.

A promising expansion

Following our two successful fundraising rounds, which have solidified our product and supported our growth, we are now reaching new heights with this acquisition, boasting over 300 clients and 1.5 million users.

Among the key enhancements brought by this acquisition are:

  1. Integration of SkillMe, an AI-based skills analysis tool for personalized training paths.
  2. Addition of Italian content and a selection of new international publishers.
  3. Entering a new market in Italy and acquiring key clients.
  4. A team of learning experts, technology, and client relations joining our workforce.
For Philippe Riveron, co-founder of Edflex, this acquisition represents a decisive step in our growth strategy:
"Building a European leader in professional training content has become crucial for our clients and prospects to offer a credible alternative in a market dominated by American and Asian players. With this acquisition in Italy, Edflex is entering a highly complementary market to France with a potential of 5 million employees to train."

Management by existing teams

Italian founders Davide Conforti and Francesco Carante will continue to lead the company in Italy to further develop this market and ensure a smooth transition for clients to their projects.

"We are truly delighted to join Edflex. This partnership feels like a natural fit for OfCourseMe and will enhance our ability to bridge skills gaps in enterprises. It will also contribute to the creation of a true European leader in content curation and aggregation for training. Together, we will have the resources and scale needed to accelerate our growth and expansion in Italy and across Europe. We are eager to begin this new chapter with Edflex!", says Davide Conforti.

This acquisition marks the beginning of a new era for both Edflex and OfCourseMe. Stay tuned to follow closely the next steps of this adventure!

Team Edflex

Team Edflex


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