Your learners can get trained with maximum flexibility.

A streamlined learning course buying experience to support skills development all throughout one’s career.

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Why does Edcard make learning easier?

A delegated payment management system

Effectively manage the budget for each learner and monitor payments within the interface, saving a substantial amount of time.

Enhanced autonomy

The Edcard gives power back to learners by getting them involved in choosing their learning courses, thus increasing their commitment.

Easy, user-friendly interface

Our IT team has worked hard to develop the best possible experience for learners by building a simple and effective platform.

For HR departments…

Saves time and is easy to manage

Global vision of spending and learning statistics

Budget monitoring by learner

For learners…

Autonomy when selecting learning courses

An easy user experience, with no need to leave the Edflex platform

Strengthened motivation while executing daily responsibilities and increased confidence toward employer

How does it work?

The Edcard’s purpose is to facilitate the management of certification payments from the Edflex interface. Today, the Edcard system is used by major companies, such as the Orange group, and thousands of learners are using it daily for their online courses certifications!

Set budget for each learner
Each learner can see how much money is in their Edcard budget
Learners can choose when they want to use Edcard