Let's initiate a unique movement

Together, we can shape a future where knowledge and learning are accessible to all, making an even more significant impact on education.

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Opening the doors of knowledge together

Together, we can create a future where knowledge and learning are accessible to everyone.

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Even more strategic learning

Faced with the obsolescence of skills which is accelerating, continuing learning is more fundamental than ever so that businesses can remain competitive. This is why learning must continue to have a more strategic role, including the role of Chief Learning Officer, which must become an indispensable part of management committees.

Open education at the heart of projects

In this context, the open education is even more topical. Individuals form differently and we can all be more responsive to that. Open education and the sharing of existing content is also an incredible way to raise awareness among employees on subjects with impacts, and to have a equal access to training.

Prioritized impact

By working in training, we all already have a significant impact on individuals and their employability. But this impact must be even stronger: raising awareness of social and environmental issues, go beyond corporate borders... Together, we can build a world where every individual has the means to succeed.
And you? What impact do you want to have?

At Edflex, we are convinced of the importance of businesses in terms of impact, in a world where everything moves very quickly. We need to create a collective dynamic to go further. This is why this non-profit movement will and must develop in the coming months, until it brings concrete actions that will democratize access to knowledge for all.

Clément Meslin
CEO at Edflex
Our values


Our aim is to make an impact on the lives of individuals and communities, leaving a positive impact through education.



We believe that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of origin, profile or situation, to create a world where everyone can have a chance.



We push the boundaries of learning by developing and supporting innovative educational projects that revolutionize the way we approach education.

Our beliefs

Our values

Acting for the common good

The objective? Create a citizen and collaborative dynamic on training topics.


Valuing the expertise of companies

Allow each structure to promote its expertise in certain fields by opening up their knowledge.


Be actors of change

Motivating internally and developing the employer brand through training: a real conviction.

Upcoming projects

Contribute to professional integration

With a portal dedicated to students, job seekers and people in rehabilitation. The objective is to provide these profiles with the best resources from contributing companies and to rely on Open Education to promote access to knowledge.
Available soon

Open your course to as many people as possible

The aggregation and dissemination of content on social and environmental topics for external use to a large population! These contents will thus have a plus great visibility and a greater impact in terms of audience.
Available soon

Support impact-making initiatives

With a directory bringing together associative projects focused on training, education and access to them: we will facilitate the link between associations and businesses, and will make it possible to include these actions even more in organizations' CSR approaches.
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