Our partners rely on Edflex’s learning experts for their training content

Discover the ecosystem where Edflex resides.

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Partners of Edflex for integration...

Discover all the softwares partners of Edflex and their simplified integration of our solution.

Why should you become an Edflex partner?

Diverse formats

Online courses, videos, articles, podcasts, formats adapted to all your needs.

Content updated daily

Your learners will be able to access daily updated content that is relevant to their needs.

Guaranteed quality

Our technology and learning experts verify the quality of all content.

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An active network

Integrated with our learning ecosystem and participate with us in our various events.

Connect the Edflex's content in your solution

Edflex’s content catalog embeds seamlessly into your software. With a SSO connection or a regular integration, take advantage of the power of our training content. Discover the steps our partners take when a partnership is signed, below!

Contractualisation and visibility
Onboarding and kick-off
monthly updates and guidance

Human at the heart of our operation

Being a partner is not only contractual, it is also about building a long-term trusting relationship with regular exchanges. Edflex is dedicated to exchanging daily communications with our partners to keep them informed. Together, we will accelerate the transformation of digital learning!

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