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A unique variety of content for each learner profile (formats, duration, themes). 50,000+ indexed contents across 230 skills!

The power of content curation and learning experts

A powerful curation algorithm for an evolving catalog, then validated by our team of 70 learning experts, each specialized on a specific collection.

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Unlimited access to our team of learning experts for you and your learners via a dedicated chat.
A project manager to develop user engagement and adapt the catalog to your needs and a communication team to create a user adoption and retention strategy.

Simplify learning in your company

Implementing the Edflex Open pedagogical content catalog means...
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Accessing top resources

from 10,000+ publishers selected to enhance your training plan 

Fight against the obsolescence of skills

with ongoing content updates

Engage your employees

by providing an unparalleled diversity of educational formats

Discover a new way of learning with Edflex

We connect your company's employees with the best educational content available.

How does it work?

Technology of curation

Educational expertise

Aggregation of the best publishers

The strength of Edflex's curation and aggregation of training content lies in our combination of technology and people.

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Tailor your learning content to your employees with

For more certification contents, formats, languages, discover Edflex Prime
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A solution with your branding

Colors, banners, and categories: Your training portal matches your company's brand image.

Unparalleled support

Our project, pedagogy, and communication team is available to ensure that your solution is a success with your learners.


Track the most popular topics and access a complete monthly report.

Monthly selections

Enjoy relevant, up-to-date content with a selection of the best resources based on the news you choose.

Meet all your learning needs with 230 available topics

Business & Enterprise

In the Business and Company domain, discover 5 categories to train your employees on key and strategic topics for your company. More than 5,000 contents are available online.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Experience
  • Finance
  • Entrepreuship
People & Management

In the HR & Management family, there are 3 essential key categories for your organization on which your employees will be able to train and learn independently.

  • People
  • Management
  • Learning & Development
Personal Development

The field of personal development is increasingly in demand but it is also sometimes opposed to training. However, soft skills, leadership, and communication are essential skills in business. Discover 6 key categories in this area.

  • Soft skills
  • Sport and health
  • Well being
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Carreer development
Work Organization

6 categories in this area, to optimize training on central internal topics such as remote work, project management or teamwork. A key area recommended by all our customers.

  • TeamWork
  • Remote work
  • Environment & CSR
  • Projet Management
  • Cybersecurity
Languages & Culture

English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German and more: for the international development of your company, training in this area of ​​expertise is essential for your employees.

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Culture, Art and Philosophy
Technologies and Tools

E-learning content that is always up to date in the face of a constantly changing world is a necessity. This is even more the case for the tools and technologies used by your employees! 4 Key Categories in this area, so you never miss an evolution.

  • Audio and digital creation
  • Office tools and CRM
  • Software development
  • Technology

Go further in your learning content strategy

Edflex Prime

Centralized access to exclusive publishers and certification resources integrated into your ecosystem
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A connection with your existing HR and training ecosystem
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The best educational content for all your employees' daily needs

Thanks to the curation and aggregation of training content, Edflex can help you develop a professional training habit and increase your learners' engagement every day.
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