Identifying talented people and developing skills in 25 countries

Sitel's main challenges were to support and attract new talent. The Edflex catalog has been deployed in white label all over the world and is available in 4 different languages.

About the context

Sitel is one of the world leaders in the outsourcing of customer service. The group operate in 25 countries and have a work force of more than 80,000 employees, and work for some of the biggest brands.

Sitel decided to call upon Edflex in 2018 to offer a catalogue of innovative learning content from within their LMS Triboo, thus supporting learners with a comprehensive learning software tool.

What are the objectives

Sitel called upon Edflex in order to meet the major challenges of their organization:guaranteeing the performance of their employees by training them continuously, and attracting talented people through working on their brand as an employer.

In that respect, Edflex was able to achieve their objectives by working collaboratively with the learning team, and by offering a bespoke catalogue of learning resources which can be accessed free at any time from within a white-labelled software tool that is connected to their learning space.The monthly update of the catalogue makes it possible to learn the skills of tomorrow, and communicate regularly on the system to add to the software tool's attractiveness.

Putting in place a strategy

The strategy that Sitel came up with was to incorporate Edflex at the heart of their learning package.

Consequently, the Edflex catalogue was renamed "Empower Center" for learners, who are then invited to log into the catalogue to learn the key skills needed for their jobs and move forward in the world of tomorrow.Access to the catalogue was also made simpler for users who log into their Triboo learning area in order to access Edflex's content. To round off, Sitel's learning team made the choice to regularly communicate with their employees on the learning system and identify learning ambassadors to initiate engagement with the catalogue.

Analysing the results

The software tool put in place in 2018 was met with great success, both in France and internationally.

Employees like being able to teach themselves at any time with both concise and more in-depth learning resource formats (MOOCs, videos, articles ,podcasts...).The project team at Sitel likes Edflex's responsiveness and follow-up care in particular. Learners are indeed very active, and can chat live with our education al designers, who will meet all of their needs in just a few minutes.For 2 years, dozens of talented people who have taught themselves independently were discovered with the help of the Edflex software tool.

Focus sur Talent at Home

In 2020, one of the major challenges for organizations was adapting to new operational models in business, due in particular to the introduction of working from home.

Sitel, operating in more than 20 countries throughout the world, decided to prolong the time spent working from home by several months, and made the choice to capitalise on the talents of their people to respond to the changing circumstances.That is why the learning team was forced to look again at all of their learning systems, opting for digital as their first choice.In order to address the crisis situation, Edflex and Sitel worked collaboratively to adapt the catalogue of resources while inserting it into their new package "Talent atHome".

Talent at Home is used to support employees working from home through learning, and meets both of the previously mentioned challenges: guaranteeing staff performance and attracting talented people.To respond to this request, Edflex offered a selection of a hundred resources in just a few short days, and the creation of a new category called "work at home".In less than 10 days, more than 50,000resources were visited on the software tool, and thousands of learning hours were registered.Within the software tool itself, it's also possible for learners to suggest content, and in that respect take part in this collective effort.

''Our teams were becoming increasingly autonomous in their learning, particularly by searching through content on Google. By rolling out Edflex in 2018, we were able to build a learning catalogue based on our biggest topic areas, with quality content in formats liked by our80,000 employees throughout the world. The strengths of the software tool are its simplicity of use, its adaptability, and its cost, which is far lower than traditional learning catalogues.''

Carole BALLIGAND - Talent Director at Sitel Group

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