Enrich the existing training offer and make it more instantaneous

Edflex supported AXA Banque in the expansion of its training offer, through specific themes while offering a digital and engaging learning experience on the LMS.

About the context

You probably know AXA Banque, a retail bank, subsidiary of the AXA Group in France. But did you know that it currently counts more than 650 employees based in France?

In 2020, AXA Banque called on us to help them enrich their training offer. Moreover, the themes addressed in this offer are very specific: the fintech and banking sectors are unsurprisingly the most important. AXA Banque decided to launch its discovery offer for 6 months with a license of 500 accesses. Bingo! Following the success of this launch, we are now supporting this banking entity for an extended period.

What are the objectives

The company's needs were multiple: to find complementary resources that were accurate and quickly updated, to help its employees evolve through upskilling and reskilling, to integrate digital learning into the continuing education plan by offering an engaging user experience on the LMS... In short, urgent needs and real strategic issues. Fortunately, we are always there to give the necessary boost to a training offer! We responded to all of these needs thanks to a very specific curation carried out by our experts (them again!). As always, our learning curators have sourced the best content on the web on topics related to AXA Banque's business sector, such as neobanks, risk management and AI in the banking industry. Recent content to meet the needs of learners quickly and efficiently? Successful missions!

Implementing a strategy

On the strategic side, AXA Banque first offered the solution to 500 of its employees through a discovery offer. But how to boost the commitment of its learners?

To do this, we submitted two key actions: highlighting monthly selections of exclusive resources and setting up activities within the community itself. As part of the AXA Group's Learning Week (100% digital in 2020), AXA Banque launched its very first digital festival through a competition on Edflex for the "best learner". On the program: Tech & Data, Green Digital, IA.... Online games and a personalized portal for the occasion have considerably boosted the training! This event helped boost statistics and provide new opportunities for regular communication about the solution. A great communication action for AXA Banque!

Analysing the results

Today, more than 54% of the employees concerned use the Edlfex solution every day in their professional training.

Articles and videos are the most consulted resources by employees and the most appreciated topics are :

  • collaboration
  • management
  • finance

The training teams are satisfied with the support provided and the feedback from users is very positive! A challenge that has been brilliantly met and that continues to evolve in order to provide a training offer that is totally in line with the learners concerned.

"With Edflex, our employees have access to a variety of quality content for training on specific subjects related to our strategic challenges. We give them the opportunity to evolve rapidly in their skills development by responding to current needs and anticipating future ones, in order to build the Bank of tomorrow. In addition, the follow-up of the Edflex teams is a real asset in our training strategy: they are a source of proposals and above all they listen to our needs."

Leslie DRAME - Training Project Manager at AXA

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Leslie DRAME
Training Project Manager at AXA

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